Virgin Mohito Web Series Review (2018)

Millennials, Sexual Freedom, Social Hypocrisy | 8 episodes
virgin mohito review pakaoo

Story Info

  • Release Date: 24 Apr, 2018
  • Genre: Millennials, Sexual Freedom, Social Hypocrisy
  • Language: Bengali
  • Content Type: Web Series
  • Platform: Adda Times


Four young girls from different part of Bengal are settled in Kolkata city and live as roommates. The women are shown discussing their ‘sex lives’. The characters of this story are Nina, Bhutu, Tepsy and Paula. Among the four girls, only Paula is a virgin and rest are active sexually. These young adults start to educate Paula on romance, heartbreaks and men. However, viewers may find it mere comic mortification, rather than education.

Episode wise Story

The first episode of ‘Virgin Mohito’ is highlighted ‘Paula’ . She is a young girl from the suburban town settled in Kolkata. Her grandmother and mother warned her strictly not to lose virginity until her marriage gets completed. According to Paula, men in the group plan to sexually harass her and they are bad wolves. At the end of the series, another character enters named as ‘Mohit’. The question arises whether he is the virginal liberator or the bad wolf.

In the second episode, Paula settles with her three roommates, and Mohit becomes the partner in the reproduction project. This episode evokes lots of questions in spectator’s mind, like will Paula lose her virginity or obey her parents? Or will Mohit and Paula see the daylight together or remain the pipe-dream.

In the third episode, the ‘statement virgin’ starts working with Mohit on the reproduction project in college. One of Paula’s roommate,s Nina pulls her into a two men conversation. Paula that night is grilled to the core about virginal stance by Tepsy, Nina, and Bhutu. The primary question in the episode is, will Paula keep her virginity stance before her mother or not?

In the next episode, the central concept is ‘virgin is in a fix!’ In this episode, Bhutu is blaming Paula because of losing Ashoketaru. Here Paula needs to realise that the man can also remain a virgin.

In the fifth episode, Nina fixes the date for her roommate Bhutu. Kunal, the guy who is pitched by Nina is a promising boxer. This makes her excited but in double mind. Nina convinces Bhutu about Kunal’s 100% virginity, but Paula throws the question, how to understand the man is has lost his virginity or not. Here, Nina provides three crucial clues.

In the next episode, Paula gets drunk after having a beer. Both she and her Sutapa madam are still virgin, and Tepsy is shown to be going through a mental crisis. True love is what Paula is starting to search. On the other hand, Mohit remains in the fantasy world.

In the 7th episode, Paula is thriving with the advice of Bhutu. However, Bhutu loses her wrestling. On the other hand, Tapsy and Nina make the plan to critique physical attributes of Mohit.

In the final episode, the physical test’s time has come. Both Paula and Mohit meet to clarify the material compatibility and then Dola, Paula’s mother arrives. The suspense of their making out remains till the end. Will Dola catch them or not, is still unknown to viewers, leaving a scope for Virgin Mohito Web Series Season 2.

Virgin Mohito Bengali Web Series Review – Millennial take on sexual emancipation linked to gender equality

The Bengali web series ‘Virgin Mohito’ is a pun onto virgin mojito, in a tongue in cheek kind of way. The Bengali film industry has also shown their mettle in short films as well, which release on various OTT platforms. Directors who are mainly famous for their films, are also trying a hand at the web series. The most prominent example of this is ‘Virgin Mohito’ directed by Abhijit Guha and Sudeshna Roy.

In this Bengali web series, both the word ‘mohito’ and ‘virginity’ are referred to as ‘Charmed’. Co-incidentally the lead actor’s name is ‘Mohit’. The central concept of Virgin Mohito web series is about the empowerment of women and also asks the critical question like the reason why virginity is a woman’s virtue only and not men. In India, it is still an expectation for women to stay virgin until marriage. People still believe women are characterless when they talk about sex, such is the taboo surrounding the topic. Gender divide is still a reality. Virgin Mohito web series has summarised that virginity doesn’t hold in hymen, but is a state of mind. The good thing is that the Director is not preachy about the message and handles the sensitive topic in a light-hearted way. This is a comedy series based on sexuality and observes the globe by the glasses – sometimes rose-tinted, sometimes crooked. Virgin Mohito Bengali web series cast is mainly Bengali Women Actors such as Ananya Sen, Anindita Bose, Piya Debnath, Geetasri, June and Ushasie Chakraborty. Virgin Mohito web series Season 1 released on 24th April 2018 on Addatime.


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virgin mohito review pakaoo

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Millennials, Sexual Freedom, Social Hypocrisy

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