Virgin Bhanupriya Movie Review (2020)

Comedy, Virginity, Drama | 111 minutes
Virgin Bhanupriya Movie review Pakaoo

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  • Release Date: 16 Jul, 2020
  • Genre: Comedy, Virginity, Drama
  • Language: Hindi
  • Content Type: Web Film
  • Platform: Zee5


Virgin Bhanupriya Movie Review – Urvashi Rautela’s Virgin Bhanupriya is a tongue-in-cheek Comedy woven around the loss of virginity

Virgin Bhanupriya Zee5 is a Comedy Drama. She plays a semi-urban girl from an urban city trying to lose her virginity tag. A Pandit predicts that her losing her virginity is next to impossible and she decides to challenge her luck.

The story of Zee5 originals production Virgin Bhanupriya attempts to be a sexual comedy. It does excessively simplify the plot and is direct in the approach.  The film ends up being  a piece of social satire while catering to the lowest viewer denominator expectation.

The main plot of the story can be better described in a one liner—Bhanupriya is a girl on her awakening years and is supremely interested in losing her virginity. But with every attempt she makes to do so, something or the other comes in way and she fails.

In the meantime, a fortune teller predicts that she won’t be able to lose her virginity ever in life. However, that does not deter her enthusiasm. She makes plans and attempts for achieving what she wants from life. The satire concentrates when all of this goes on in a society where being curious about sex is badly scandalised.

Bhanupriya’s parents live separately. Although her father claims to be a role model for all modern-day fathers, he fails to connect with Bhanu and hence remains completely in the dark about the feminine desires of his daughter during her adolescence. The part of the movie that really stirs liveliness is the strong and powerful friendship of Bhanu and Rukul. They remain nonchalant of what the world thinks of them and believe in “Live, and let live” philosophy.

Even in the middle of sexual innuendoes, the female characters stand in solidarity to never get ashamed of their needs and desires.

Expect witty, tongue in cheek, double meaning dialogues, over-dramatized screenplay, and lots of laughter.

Virgin Bhanupriya Movie Release Date

July 16, 2020

Virgin Bhanupriya official Trailer dropped on Youtube on July 2, 2020

Virgin Bhanupriya movie cast

    • Urvashi Rautela as Bhanupriya Awasthi
    • Archana Puran Singh as Madhu
    • Niki Walia as Moon
    • Gautam Gulati as Shartiya
    • Rumana Molla as Rukul Singh
    • Vijaylaxmi Singh as Nimma aunty
    • Rajiv Gupta as Vijay
    • Sumit Gulati as Rajiv
    • Vikas Verma as Irfan
    • Puskar Kumar as Crime Branch Officer

Virgin Bhanupriya stands with a different concept. But it surely had room for better execution.


The script of Virgin Bhanupriya though stands quite predictable and monotonous, is not at all just a bunch of offensive double standard jokes. With a number of opportunities for improvisations, it must be noted that the subject of the film was well-complemented with the light-hearted colour of the script. Dialogic comedy is not an easy thing to write, especially with maturity.


An actor’s job is not only to give life to the dialogues, but also to leave scope of interpretation in silence. Urvashi Rautela has put in a lot of grace and emotional condensation within the deeper side of Bhanu’s character. Rajiv Gupta was quite convincing in portraying the character of Vijay. Archana Puran Singh was as jolly and light-hearted as her appearance is in general. The acting squad of Virgin Bhanupriya was quite impressive in the field.


Virgin Bhanupriya movie songs blended very well with the plot as well as the screenplay. Jayant Vajpayee did quite a great job as the sound designer.

Cinematography, Special Effects & Editing

Good cinematography is not about taking the best angles in great locations. It is also about making an ordinary location look special and beautiful, especially in a film like Virgin Bhanupriya. In a world where gangster films and web series are shot so well, a much better performance was expected from Johny Lal as the DOP of Virgin Bhanupriya. But Akshay Mohan did a fairly good job as the editor of the film.


Ajay Lohan’s eclipsed direction did add some colour of depth to the movie, but it also made Virgin Bhanupriya somewhat paradoxical in its essence. On one hand the film shows that if a girl pursuit her sexual desires openly, the society must not judge her and give her taglines. But on the other hand, romance begins with the same girl with a man who treats her in the cheapest possible way until the end of the movie. Direction could have been a little more realistically feasible, if not minute. Dialogue framing doesn’t match with the characters as well. This is one of the most important reasons that the film landed with a crashing bore. However, the direction saved Virgin Bhanupriya to at least have a good plot with somewhat up to the mark performance on behalf of the actors.

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Virgin Bhanupriya Movie - Review by Pakaoo
Urvashi Rautela's Virgin Bhanupriya is a tongue-in-cheek Comedy woven around loss of virginity. 
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Virgin Bhanupriya Movie review Pakaoo

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Comedy, Virginity, Drama

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