Sex Education Netflix Season 2 Review (2020)

Sex, Education, Drugs | 8 episodes
Sex Education web series Review

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  • Release Date: 17 Jan, 2020
  • Genre: Sex, Education, Drugs
  • Language: English
  • Content Type: Web Series
  • Platform: Netflix


Netflix Web Series Sex Education story

Sex education Netflix Season 2 is an Original released on January 17, 2020. With an inept SRE syllabus, tutor and a Chlamydial outbreak, Moordale desperately needs a sex therapist and Dr. Jean Milburn is called. Otis Milburn is her son and Moordalean. He is a self-proclaimed half baked sex expert suffering from frequent random erections. His sexual experiments with Ola fail. Colin consults Otis to start a relationship with Mrs. Sands. Malek Amir’s weird sex with Hanan prompts him to consult Dr. Milburn.

Wanked by a stranger on a bus, Aimee lodges a complaint. Adam Groff, a military school dropout, struggles to find his niche and love. Eric Effiong oscillates between Rahim and Adam to explore a gay relationship. Jakob, father of Ola and Dr. Jean Milburn starts a relationship with disapproval from Otis.

Ola and Otis have an unsuccessful deflowering night as Maeve interrupts. Ola and Maeve dislike each other. Jackson Marchetti carries his mother’s ambition of him becoming a swimming champion and deliberately self inflicts injuries to keep away from training. He is tutored by Vivian and they promise to help each other.

Maeve Wiley takes care of her three-year-old half-sister, Elsie, and her unreliable, drug addict mom Erin. Erin pretends as a worker to evade babysitting. Maeve and Otis start a sex clinic and share their hitherto untold liking for each other. Remi Milburn meets Otis. Thanks to Dr. Jean Milburn, Maureen Groff rediscovers her sexuality and demands a divorce from her husband. Ola seeks the help of Dr. Milburn to rediscover herself. Otis plans for a small dinner gathering and ends up in big awkward chaos and sleeping with Ruby. Maeve nails Erin for readdiction.

Dr. Milburn’s case diary is leaked to open a Pandora’s Box in Moordale and she is shown the door. She finds that Otis runs a parallel sex clinic and unremorseful for his unruly actions. Otis buys contraceptive pills for Ruby. Mrs. Sands is slut shammed and detains the girls.

Detention brings bonding among the girls. Kyler is caught for slut-shaming. Moordale wins the quiz championship. Romeo and Juliet’s drama unfolds.  Will the star-crossed lovers unite? Will Elsie be safe? Will Jackson Marchetti succeed in making his mom understand his real passion? Did Aimee get over her stress disorder?

Who leaked Dr. Jean Milburn’s case diary? Will everyone discover their sexual identity and love? Watch out for the magnum opus Sex Education Netflix.

Sex Education Characters/cast and Actors

  • Otis Milburn – Asa Butterfield
  • Dr. Jean Milburn – Gillian Anderson
  • Ola – Patricia Allison
  • Maeve Wiley – Emma Mackey
  • Eric Effiong – Ncuti Gatwa
  • Rahim – Sami Outalbali
  • Jackson Marchetti – Kedar Williams-Stirling
  • Adam Groff – Connor Swindells
  • Aimee Gibbs – Aimee Lou Wood

Sex Education Netflix Review

Sex education deals with the most complex subject of human life, Sex. It excellently portrays not only the teenage hormone surges, drugs, and delusions, but also the deluded sexual identities and orientation in adults. It also underscores the dangerous consequences, the half baked sex knowledge brings with it. It is shocking to know that the happy schoolgoing Aimee is sexually abused by the bus. Irrespective of the country, nationality, and religion, incidents like eve-teasing, sexual abuse, groping, etc., have become the norms, as sex education series illustrates. The ramifications of them in the victim’s life are also shown nicely.

Sex education series is a journey in quest of sexual identity and interest. It also registers a variety of sexual disorders, orientations and sexual acts. Sex education Netflix has got its parenting part also. Dr. Jean Milburn is given a reprimand by Otis for her close association with Jakob. As Jakob leaves Jean, she is again probed by Otis why Remi broke up with her. The agony of a single parent and primary caretaker is excellently portrayed by Gillian Anderson. Watch out for Netflix sex education for who and what changes Otis.

Sex education TV show has got a fitting end in the form of Shakespearean drama in its climax. The modern version of Romeo and Juliet is played as a mega night event in Moordale. It has all the components ranging from love, sex, gay, comedy, and interruptions from Groffs. The star-crossed lovers have a befitting analogy with sex education series. Thus it has loose ends for a possible sequel as sex education season 3. Watch out for Netflix Sex Education Episodes, a must-watch web series.

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Sex Education web series Review

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Sex, Education, Drugs

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