Hasmukh Web Series Review (2020)

Psychological Thrilller, Standup Comedy, Investigation, Crime | 10 Episodes, ~30 minutes each
Hasmukh Review Pakaoo

Story Info

  • Release Date: 17 Apr, 2020
  • Genre: Psychological Thrilller, Standup Comedy, Serial Murders
  • Language: Hindi
  • Content Type: Web Series
  • Platform: Netflix


Hasmukh Web Series Netflix is the story of Hasmukh (Vir Das), who has a rough childhood and dreams of becoming a star stand up comedian,  Hasmukh originally from Uttar Pradesh becomes an assistant at a standup comedian Gulati and keeps waiting for his opportunity. Gulati ditches Hasmukh, taking his innocence as an advantage.

Jimmy (Ranvir Shorey), after observing Hasmukh’s performance on stage replacing Gulati at a wedding, finds Gulati dead and understands that Hasmukh killed him. But Hasmukh rocks on the stage and Jimmy becomes his manager instead.

Hasmukh’s journey as a stand-up comedian had just begun. But Hasmukh had to get rid of his fear. To get over this, he finds his way by killing someone which gives him some insane courage to perform on the stage.  Slowly his fame increases and the talk of his talent reach the Tinseltown Mumbai.

Jimmy and Hasmukh become real thugs as their careers grow and get popular. They vow not to kill any innocent. Vir Das as Hasmukh nails it every time on the comedy talent show, he had been aspiring for. The finale of the show is on the verge. How will Hasmukh manage? Will he win every time? How will he get away with murders?

In the world of corporate Mumbai, how will Hasmukh survive? Do watch Hasmukh on Netflix.

Hasmukh Netflix Cast

  • Vir Das
  • Ranvir Shorey
  • Ravi Kishan

Hasmukh Web Series Release Date

April 17, 2020

Hasmukh Web Series Review- A Perfect Cocktail, Vir Das Standup comedy, psychological thriller, and Hindi Heartland

Hasmukh Netflix Director Nikhil Gonsalves and lead Actor Vir Das have created a masterpiece together. Hasmukh Crime thriller started streaming on Netflix from 17th April 2020. Hasmukh web series Netflix is of ten episodes and streams each episode for around 30 minutes.

The concept of Hasmukh is very close to reality. How there are bureaucrats and vested interests in every section of life.

Hasmukh has his own crisp story ranging from, comic to intriguing at best.

The idea of showing a completely different narrative of reality in the world of standups is brilliantly scripted.  Hasmukh has got comedy, thriller, drama, and action making a cocktail of emotions. Hasmukh has touched many elements of different genres compiling humor and dark with niche narration.

The director also focuses on women empowerment in an episode where Hasmukh (Vir Das) performs on the stage after killing a criminal who bullies women. Giving a dark side to a comic set up has been very well taken care of, in the series. The humor is not much laudable as the dark side of the series is more highlighted and out rights the former.

Vir Das is a multi-talented Indian comedian, actor, and musician. Vir Das’ performance from naive to the thug, marks his stamp on the series. His initial role of being innocent struggler sync in well with his attitude.

Actors like Ravi Kishan and Ranvir Shorey did their part superbly, but their roles were supporting in nature.

Technical Cons

The series is focused more on elevation and cinematography, rather on the narrative. The direction sometimes glitches off the track. Music is not great compared to other thriller series. One can expect more stories from the series and plots are incomplete in certain ways.

One cannot binge watch such a series as it lags in a few episodes and gives an abrupt end. Good star cast with least roles is always a con in web series, as there could have been better roles for Ranvir Shorey and Ravi Kishan but they seem under-utilized.

Nonetheless, a good stream. Do watch Hasmukh on Netflix.

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Hasmukh Review Pakaoo

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Psychological Thrilller, Standup Comedy, Investigation, Crime

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