RejctX Season 2 Web Series Review (2020)

Crime Thriller, Investigation, Entitlement | 8 episodes, ~30 minutes each
rejectx2 season 2 web series

Story Info

  • Release Date: 14 May, 2020
  • Genre: Crime Thriller, Investigation, Entitlement
  • Language: Hindi
  • Content Type: Web Series
  • Platform: Zee5


RejctX Season 2 Plot

The story of Zee5 web series RejctX Season 2 stands to be a story revolving around teenage drama, with the half-baked topping of thriller and crime fiction. April, the central character of the series is the son of an affluent family, whose father knows nothing beyond wealth and power and was found to kill Aarav’s mother, thereby turning her funeral into a petty media circus.

Aarav tried to shoot his dad but failed, and eventually took medical help for the enhancement of his mental condition from the vice president of his school, Jefferson World School. The story continues with the progress of Aarav’s life as well as the life of the other members of the RejectX group. But there is an anonymous masked person behind, the X of RejectX. He bears the burden of crime that bestows in the series.

Amidst all these complications, Officer Rene (Esha Gupta) arrives to investigate the mysterious murder of Anushka, executed in the garb of suicide in the first season.

The successful Reject X Web Series Season 1 showcased the hypocrisy, murders, deceit, lies, lust, misunderstandings, kidnapping, and much more, keeping the viewer on the edge of the seat.

Many characters of Season 1 have been retained in RejctX Season 2 Web Series.

Zee5 Original RejctX Season 2 Cast

  • Esha Gupta
  • Sameet Vyas
  • Masi Wali
  • Anisha Victor
  • Saadhika Syal
  • Ayush Khurana
  • Prabhneet Singh
  • Ridhi Khakhar
  • Tanvi Shinde
  • Pooja Sundar Shetty

RejctX Season 2 Release Date

  • May 14, 2020

RejctX Season 2 Review  – Privilege, Entitlement, and Vice Galore.A pinch of thrill with weak storytelling.

RejctX Season 2 is not at all a well-researched project as far as its connection with reality is taken into consideration. With a not-so-good directorial approach, RejctX Season 2 stands to be a weaker sequel of its already weak prequel.


Sometimes it so happens that the story is not out of the box, but the script stands path-breaking. And in such cases, although the plot is a predictable one-liner, the script makes the audience glued to the show so much so, that they end up forgetting how common an ordinary the script was. But in the case of RejectX Season 2, neither the script was pertinent to the screenplay, nor the plot was something that was not expected. Rather the entire setup was quite confusing with characters swaying to and fro at random without any proper character definition.


With Masi Wali and Anisha Victor playing their parts with good dedication and notable acting skills, the other actors could have supported them in a better way. Exaggeration at certain levels seemed completely forceful for many of them. There was no noticeable point of silent acting, which is the most important aspect of thriller web series—reactions.


Like most of the other aspects of the film, music was also nothing better than average. However, the romantic score in the first episode of RejectX Season 2 is capable of getting a good degree of appreciation. Ankur Tewari and Ashutosh Phatak made an average team as far as the music of RejctX Season 2 are concerned.

Cinematography, Special Effects & Editing:

If anything in the series of Zee5 RejctX Season 2 was good, then that is surely the cinematography. With Himanshu Dubey as the DOP, there were good moments created on screen with sufficient cinematic exposure. Editing by Arjun Srivasstava was also quite good.


From a director of the repute of Goldie Behl, a much better sequel was expected, especially when the prequel was criticized to such a high degree. Just by flashing scenes from the prequel in the initial episodes, doesn’t make the next season a good and justified continuation. Moreover, in the case of sequels like this, a strong narrative could have worked wonderfully. Poor characterization and lack of minute detailing wrote the same fate of RejectX Season 2 as it did for its first season.

RejctX Season 2 All episodes: Zee5. 

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Crime Thriller, Investigation, Entitlement

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