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  • Release Date: 19 Jun, 2020
  • Genre: Crime Thriller, Suspense Drama
  • Language: Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam
  • Content Type: Feature Film ( Direct OTT Release)
  • Platform: Amazon Prime


Penguin Tamil Movie Review – Keerthy Suresh justifies a Chilling Crime Thriller. A non-linear script with crazy logic

Penguin Tamil movie plot is about a pregnant mother’s fight for her lost son.  It is written and directed by Eashvar Karthic. Penguin Tamil movie release date is June 19, 2020, on Amazon Prime. It is a direct OTT Release during the COVID Pandemic. Watch Penguin movie Keerthy Suresh in action on Amazon Prime. Penguin Tamil movie trailer released on June 10, 2020.


Penguin Tamil movie plot is tailored to Keerthy Suresh’s character but lacks logic. When a mother finds her lost son, will she let her son go missing again and again? Will, she let him sleep alone? Can a seven-month pregnant lady run and chase a criminal?

Raghu, the father of the lost son, says he would not leave without knowing what happened to his son. But he is nowhere to be seen in action again except slapping the villain.

Eashvar Karthic seems to be over-focused on Keerthy’s character, to justify the title “Penguin” . He somewhere loses sight of plot loopholes and other characters.


Keerthy Suresh has justified the role of Rhythm, a pregnant mother. She carries the pain of losing her elder son with sincerity. Master Advaith is impressive as Ajay, her son.

Penguin Tamil movie cast 

  • Rhythm –  Keerthy Suresh
  • Ajay – Baby Umar / Master Advaith
  • Raghu   – Linga
  • Gautham-Madhampatty Rangaraj
  • Dr. David –  Mathi
  • Bhavana  –  Nithya Kriupa
  • Abhi  – Harini
  • Kathir –  Thejank
  • Inspector – Thilak Rammohan
  • Anjana mother  –   Tharini Suresh
  • Gynaecologist   –  Jaya Swaminathan
  • Bhavana’s mother –   Uma Shankar
  • Bhavana’s father –  Murali
  • Kid Anjana –  Aishwarya Ramani
  • Stranger in the lake- Muthazhagan
  • Cyrus (Dog) –  Maddy


Music by Santhosh Narayanan is passable for Penguin Tamil Movie. When you find logic flaws and missing all-important thrill factors, what impresses the audience?

Lyrics by Vivek and songs by Susha are okay for the non-linear, non-logical script.

Cinematography, Special Effects, and Editing

Kharthik Palani is the DoP and has captured the scenic beauty and belligerent villain’s monstrous activities. It is the cinematography part that puts Penguin Tamil movie in the Crime genre. VFX by R. Mahi from Igene is commendable. One can’t find out which part of the film is VFX and which is not. Decent editing by Anil Krish needs a mention. Penguin Keerthy Suresh as total running time of 2 hours and 12 minutes.

Direction and Production

Penguin Tamil movie director Eashvar Karthic has a lot of questions to answer just like the question and answer game played by Rhythm and villain in the movie. Will anyone sleep in the house with doors open? That too after losing her child? How Gautham was attacked? What was in the drink given to Rhythm and Ajay? It is quite illogical.

Penguin Tamil movie is produced by Kaarthekeyen Santhanam, Sudhan Sundaram, and Jayaram. Passion studios with stone bench films and Karthik Subbaraj are the Production House.

Penguin Tamil Movie Plot

The movie starts with a figure in the “Charlie Chaplin” mask and a dog, doing horrible things. The nonlinear story portrays Rhythm’s past and present. Rhythm and Raghu, happily married couple, have a cute boy named Ajay. Six years ago, on a school trip, Ajay is kidnapped by the masked figure near a lake. Police recover the kid’s belongings. The devastated couple breaks up.

In the meantime, many children go missing. Now Rhythm is married to Gautham and is seven months pregnant. Brushing aside the doctor’s advice, Rhythm goes to the lake. She notices a wounded stranger while leaving the lake. The stranger gives her the masked figure’s photo, which she misses. She drives the car away, as the figure approaches the car.

She informs the police. Again, she goes back to the lake to find her lost son, Ajay. Ajay refuses to speak but draws paintings indicative of his past involving the masked figure. She gets the advice of Dr. David. Raghu returns for Ajay. But he lets Ajay go with Rhythm. She tries to make Ajay speak, without success.

Ajay sings rhymes during night times. Raghu wants to meet Ajay at a carnival. Rhythm takes Ajay to the carnival. Rhythm sees the masked figure and loses Ajay again! With the help of Cyrus, they retrieve Ajay. They find that Ajay obeys commands and sign language. During the night, the masked figure makes a visit to see Ajay.

Notwithstanding Cyrus and Rhythm, the masked figure escapes. Anjana, a child of Ajay’s age, goes missing. With the help of Cyrus, Rhythm finds the cruel child killer. Who is the cruel killer? Who is inside the mask? What is the story behind Ajay’s silence? What happens to Rhythm and Ajay?

Watch out Penguin Tamil movie in Amazon Prime.

Penguin Tamil Movie Release Date

June 19, 2020, on Amazon Prime (Direct OTT release due to COVID 19 lockdown)

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