Never Have I Ever Netflix Review (2020)

Young Love, Personal Evolution, Comedy, Friendship | 10 Episodes, ~30 minutes each
never have I ever web series review pakaoo

Story Info

  • Release Date: 27 Apr, 2020
  • Genre: Young Love, Personal Evolution, Comedy, Friendship
  • Language: English
  • Content Type: Web Series
  • Platform: Netflix


John McEnroe, a well known veteran tennis player in real-world narrates the story of Devi Vishwakumar, who after an unfortunate year in which her father passes away, suffers a personal physical tragedy as well. In her second year, Devi is back on feet and looking forward to a new start, with her best friends Eleanor and Fabiola. Devi and her nemesis Ben always beat each other in studies.

Despite all her personal hardships,  Devi has a huge crush on Paxton, a charming young boy in her college. Twists and turns in her relationship with her family, friends, and crush put Devi into trauma. As time passes by slowly, Devi realizes her real companions and finds Ben as her guy. Meanwhile, Kamla, Devi’s cousin also goes through a struggling period in her relationship.

Never Have I Ever Season 2 is expected as the relationship of Devi and Paxton is still complicated.

Never Have I Ever Release Date

  • April 27, 2020

Never Have I Ever Cast

  • Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi Vishwakumar
  • Richa Moorjani as Kamala
  • Jaren Lewison as Ben Gross
  • Darren Barnet as Paxton Hall-Yoshida

Never Have I Ever Netflix Review –  The same second generation Indian-American story, which connects with each Indian American, each time.

The idea of portraying an Indian- American teenager Maitreyi as Devi, with whom every Indian American can relate is commendable. The series mainly focuses on how Devi copes up with her relationships and what life has planned  for her. The series fails as the narrative in the first few episodes revolves around the desperation of the lead to become popular. The series picks up pace once the narrative is set in style.

Never have I ever television show is now streaming season one with ten episodes on Netflix, each episode rounding around 30 mins.

Never Have I Ever Netflix Actor Performances

Directors and creators Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher have perfectly chosen the cast for the series. The character Maitreyi dwells well into the skin of Devi as she is the show-stealer. One cannot expect more from her as it was natural. Her role replicates a contemporary life as an Indian- American. She travels from agony to happiness during the course of the series and nails it perfectly.

Lee Rodriguez and Ramona Young have done a great part as Devi’s best friends. Lee as Fabiola and Ramona as Eleanor,  former a science geek struggling for sexual identity and the latter an artist who has issues with her mother. Both get along well with Devi throughout the series. Jaren Lewison as Ben Gross slays as the nemesis.


Music hardly had a part as most audiences of web series in India enjoy some real background score, which lacks in many English short web series. The director had constrained the narrative and truncated the wider perspective of teenagers in real-time. The content lacks in comedy in times and one cannot have natural laughs throughout. The crux of the series, Comedy and Dialogues could have been better to connect the audience from India.

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never have I ever web series review pakaoo

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Young Love, Personal Evolution, Comedy, Friendship

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