Mafia Zee5 Web Series Review (2020)

Horror, Ghosts, Friends, Game | 8 episodes, ~ 30 minutes each
Mafia zee5 review pakaoo

Story Info

  • Release Date: 10 Jul, 2020
  • Genre: Horror, Ghosts, Friends, Game
  • Language: Hindi
  • Content Type: Web Series
  • Platform: Zee5


Mafia Zee5 Web Series Review – A saga of Vendetta that is flawlessly compounded with the psychological thriller game Mafia

Mafia is a panoramic simulation of a game to juxtapose with life to find real Mafia. Mafia web series is now streaming on ZEE5 with 8 episodes with each episode timing around 35 minutes. The series is directed by Birsa Dasgupta and produced by an elite Bengali actor Parambrata Chatterjee. The web series is a ZEE5 original, produced under the banner of Eskay Movies.

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Mafia Zee5 Story involves six friends who go on a backpacking trip and their car breaks down. They take shelter in a homestead and decide to play the game ‘Mafia’. Sinister events unfold leading to mysterious deaths, disappearances and mind-twisting character changes.

Tanya, Ritvik, Sam, Neha, Ananya, and Rishi. They all set to meet at the farmhouse in the dark forests of Madhupur in Jharkhand, which used to be a hangout spot 6 years. Rithvik comes along with his wife Priyanka. After their graduation, they all set to enjoy in the woods but end up breaking each other and scatter apart.

This reunion brings them back at the farmhouse but this time they start playing Mafia, a psychological thriller game where one has to prove he is innocent and not the mafia who is accused of murder. As soon as the game begins their past unravels step by step. Few paranormal incidents that occur in the farmhouse, immediately after a person(Nitin) knocking the door asking for some help in midnight.

Kunal (Tanya’s fiancee) also meddles up to surprise Tanya also gets trapped into this. First Rishi, next Priyanka, then Neha everyone goes missing and gets killed. The plot unveils as 6 years ago Bidhua a tribal girl who works in the farmhouse is raped and brutally murdered by Rishi and Sam, unaware that Kamli(daughter of Bidhua) and Ananya was watching this and Nitin is investigating this case. The real twist turns out that Ananya who is very sensitive from her childhood is the one behind the revenge. Kamli kills Sam in the end.

Mafia Zee5 Web Series Cast

  • Namit Das
  • Tanmay Dhanania
  • Ishaa M Saha
  • Anindita Bose
  • Aditya Bakshi
  • Madhurima Roy
  • Ridhima Ghosh
  • Ankita Chakraborthy

Mafia zee5 release date

July 10, 2020

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Director Birsa Dasgupta has done a humongous job along with the creators Rohan Ghose, Aritra Sen with a meticulous narration. The Script of the web series is very intriguing with spine chilling events that occur in the web series. The Series is very well taken with multiple tricky plots alongside the characters. The idea where Namit Das also starts playing mafia is neatly cuddled up into the narration. The professionalism of the series is a far high insignia.

Multiple emotions in the series are very well handled to bridge the gap in the relationships by hate and lust by agony leading to vengeance on each other. The real character comes out in times of hardship. the dark effective theme is very well suited for the tale and adds on to the cinematography and screenplay. One cannot resist from lauding the DoP team of the series. The major set back of the film is the music composition that elevates thrill. The triggering environment that is set up throughout the series is definitely commendable. Despite the beginning of the series feels dim the series triggers as soon as the Mafia begins.


Namit Das is the show stealer of the series. His character is very complex initially and he pulls it off in style. His characterization in the series is what that should be endorsed a lot. Ananya’s role by Isha M Saha is definitely noteworthy along with others in the actors.


The morales of the series are absurd so is the climax. The script failed to conclude as the right ending is juggling that plays the role of the giveaway. Who is Mafia is still a query at the end of the series, as Ananya cannot be the one?

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Mafia Zee5 Web Series Review

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Mafia Web Series on Zee5
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Mafia Web Series on Zee5
A saga of Vendetta that is flawlessly compounded with the psychological thriller game Mafia
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Mafia zee5 review pakaoo

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Horror, Ghosts, Friends, Game

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