Lootcase Review (2020)

Comedy, Greed, Social Anecdote | 134 minutes
Lootcase Review Pakaoo

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  • Release Date: 31 Jul, 2020
  • Genre: Comedy, Greed, Social Anecdote
  • Language: Hindi
  • Content Type: Feature Film ( Direct OTT Release)
  • Platform: Disney+ Hotstar
  • Family Viewing Advisable: Yes


Lootcase Review – A comedy with scenes that come across as outstanding, and plenty of it can make you laugh

Lootcase movie story focuses on Nandan Kumar (Kunal Khemu) who comes across a suitcase packed with money. He is aware of nothing regarding its owner, where it is from, or how it got there. A cop, a politician and an outlaw are all looking for the suitcase. Nandan is in a quandary whether or not to keep it. The film guarantees to be a fun riot that will leave you in splits.

A worn-out tiffin hanging from his shoulder, a useless degree, a shrewd better half, and a child who wouldn’t stop his demands – Nandan Kumar is one in various million faces drowning within the burden of his upper-middle-class life. But a big, shiny red clutch – or ‘loot case’, as they might prefer to position it – comes as a glimmer of hope. He is aware that he would be foolish to let this one go.

So, before taking the possession, he makes a somewhat naïve announcement: “Last time pooch rahaan hoon, Kiska suitcase hai?” Once Nandan realizes that there aren’t any takers, off he goes!

However, his neighbors are a bunch of nosey folks. His wife is a  ‘poojari’s beti’ who wouldn’t settle for this meddler, though she’s continually giving him grief over the family’s dire state of affairs.

The fact that the cash was purloined from a top-notch politician, who was getting it hand delivered to a different top-notch politician’s better half through a gang of goons, does not help either.

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Lootcase Movie Trailer

Rajesh Krishnan’s Loot Case movie 2020 could be a sarcasm!  Gaze at a poor man’s unquenchable thirst for money, pitted against an affluent man’s obsession to amass the maximum amount that he can – by hook or by crook.

The plotline is intrigue personified. It has all the ingredients needed to cook up the right dark comedy broth – those uproarious expressions, well-timed and punctiliously placed one-liners and, of course, the stool jokes. The sense of humor in dialogue delivery is over the top and sometimes rowdy.

What it lacks are a stable momentum and subtexts that come off fresh-from-the-oven. The central theme, because of the parallel stories, chaos, and commotion that sometimes accompany a dark comedy, is rendered in a fashion that appears only too sure and a bit too stretched towards the middle.

‘Lootcase’ is an earnest effort that depicts a light-weight travesty of greed and life, generally. But with the writers Kapil Sawant and Rajesh Krishnan falling prey to the necessity to take the safe route and instill the tried-and-tested formulas of this genre, the film didn’t have an abundant promise on the far side.

However, the loot case movie review has more to it than simply a comedy and action-adventure story. It shows us completely different styles of individuals and their morals, ethics, beliefs, and conscience.

Lootcase cast

  • Kunal Khemu
  • Rasika Dugal
  • Gajraj Rao
  • Vijay Raaz
  • Ranvir Shorey
  • Aakash Dhabadey
  • Manuj Sharma
  • Nilesh Divekar
  • Pritam Jaiswal
  • Aryan Prajapati
  • Sada Yadav


It is a decent script that does not wander away anyplace in narrating totally different events.

The story of a suitcase packed with money could have left you choked with laughter. However, the humor is totally blending with the correct quantity of action, drama, and suspense. As we approach the climax, the plot gets serious. However, it is a dark comedy. There are scenes that come across as outstanding, and plenty of it can make you laugh.


Let us settle for the fact that Kunal Kemmu is one of the most underrated actors of today’s times. You can trust him to portray an everyday man. His comic temporal order is outstanding, and his talent is justly used. If the movie industry does not write better roles for Kunal after this movie, it will be a viewer loss.

Rasika Dugal plays Kunal aka Nandan’s wife, Lata. If you think that she is there only for the sake of it, you’re wrong. She is a strong influence on Nandan’s life and therefore, the story-telling.

When actors like Gajraj Rao, Vijay Raaz, and Ranvir Shorey are on screen together, expect fireworks on the screen. Gajraj Rao plays Minister Patil. With his sweet and artful words, he is aware of the way to get his work done. Vijay Raaz plays the Don and is passionate about animal documentaries on Nat Geo.

Ranvir Shorey, who plays Inspector Kolte, is a serious cop. Ironically, he makes you to laugh while not cracking even a single joke.


For a movie of this genre, the music needs to be quirky. Rohan-Vinayak and Amar Mangrulkar have delivered that. Sameer Uddin’s background score may be a collection of eccentric music with a slight thrill.


When you recognize a city well, you recognize a way to capture its essence. That’s what Rajesh Krishnan has done. It feels smart to check the packed roads, native trains, thronged streets and autorickshaws. The story focuses on the lifetime of three completely different folks – Nandan Kumar and Lata, their son, Minister Patil and Bala Rathore. They have amusing introductions that win your interest in the show. Your curiosity to grasp what is next and who is next grows, as you proceed.

Final Words

During the pandemic, we all need an honest laughter. Well, Lootcase on Hotstar provides you exactly that. It is refreshing to stumble upon a  comedy with asynchronous sequences. Keep your snacks ready and binge on this loot-case!


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A comedy with scenes that come across as outstanding, and plenty of it can make you laugh.
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Lootcase Review Pakaoo

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Comedy, Greed, Social Anecdote

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