Lalbazaar Zee5 Web Series Review (2020)

Crime Thriller | 10 Episodes
Lalbazaar Zee5 web series Review Pakaoo

Story Info

  • Release Date: 19 Jun, 2020
  • Genre: Crime Thriller
  • Language: Bengali, Hindi
  • Content Type: Web Series
  • Platform: Zee5


Lalbazaar Web Series Review –  A dark realistic Kolkata underbelly portrayed with average editing.

Lalbazaar is undoubtedly a well-researched project as far as its connection with reality is concerned. However, there are various aspects which had the scope of improvement

Script: The script of Lalbazaar is not very balanced. At some places it has good dose of humor. But most of the time, only raw abusive language was the primary key used to make the script look realistic and pertinent to the subject. The plot was very interesting.

However, due to lack of the binding of a good script, the series is not very engaging. Mostly, it has too much information and characters stuffed in the viewers’ focus area without allowing them to assimilate what is already shown. The length of the script could have been condensed to a decent degree as well.


Koushik Sen is as fantastic as he can be. He plays a character who find it tough to show emotions.Despite being devoted to his duties completely, he seeks the shade of alcohol every evening to escape from some guilt and sense of revenge. A character tough to portray. However, Sen nails it with his amazing approach.

Hrishitaa Bhatt as well as Ronjini Chakraborty showed balanced performance through the perfect delineation of their characters. Sabyasachi Chakraborty’s apt presence as the senior officer fills the atmosphere with a dormant sense of discipline and patience. Nonetheless, the one who stole the show amidst all biggies is Souraseni Maitra, with her clarity of speech, perfect movements and clean performance as PSI Mira.


Debajyoti Mishra’s work in the music of Lalbazaar has made situations of delectable mood-matching in the synchronization of the script and the screenplay.

Cinematography, Special Effects & Editing

Ramyadip Saha’s work as the DOP of Lalbazaar compensates for the  poor editing of the series by Gourab Dutta. With every twist and turn, cinematography just gets better.


Sayantan Ghosal, the director of LalBazaar shows good work of research in planning and visualizing the entire setup for the series. However, the story was needlessly stretched at many points through the 10 episodes. Most of the characters lack a decent definition. There is unnecessary in-depth characterization displayed for Gauranga’s character. Nonetheless, Lalbazaar might not be an ideal crime thriller. But it is surely a well-researched project keeping intact the harsh side of the reality.

Lalbazaar Zee5 Cast

  • Koushik Sen as OC Suranjan Sen
  • Hrishitaa Bhatt as Maya Ghosal
  • Sabysachi Chakraborty as DC Crime B. D. Sharma
  • Subrat Dutta as AC Port Gaurav Dutta
  • Dibyendu Bhattacharya as Ghazi
  • Ronjini Chakraborty as Farzana
  • Gaurav Chakraborty as OC Sabir Ahmed
  • Sauraseni Maitra as PSI Mira Dasgupta

Lalbazaar Zee5 Release Date

June 19, 2020 in Hindi.

LalBazaar Official Trailer

LalBazaar Web Series Story

The story of the Zee5 web series Lalbazaar is a realistic approach to the portrayal of the dark corners of Kolkata. The corners where crime is the only constant with variable victims. In Watgunj, the red-light area in the neighbourhood of the city, a female sex worker, Rubina is found hanging from the ceiling of her room in a brothel.

While the other members of the place try to suppress the case by calling it just a normal suicide, OC Sabir Ahmed smells a rat. He reaches there along with PSI Mansoor and sends the body to the morgue. Initially, the doctor confirms verbally that the lady is murdered and was subjected to sexual intercourse before she died. She was pregnant for 3 months.

However, that very night, local gangster Ghazi’s men hire a tempo driver named Gobinda and the corpse is stolen and disposed. However, OC Suranjan Sen, the central character of Lalbazaar Homicide Department is able to save and get back the corpse. This he does with the help of Farzana, an informer of OC Suranjan Sen, who lives in the same brothel as the informer of Watgunj.

After that, Farookh, the doctor of the local nursing home gets the post mortem of the victim done .This knowledge is only with Farzana and OC Suranjan. OC Sabir is an epitome of honesty who wants to get to the roots of the case. As a result , he gets threat calls followed by the abduction of his daughter, Sana.

While Sana is brought back absolutely unharmed, Sabir’s wife Nafisa, who is expecting their second child, has a miscarriage as she can’t handle the trauma. Afzal is found in an unconscious state beside Sana but he did not abduct her. Afzal was Rubina’s lover was the alleged murderer of Rubina. But due to the absence of solid evidence, OC Sabir lets him go.

That very night Afzal is attempted to be murdered and when he gets admitted to the local nursing home by Farzana, an anonymous lady comes to the place and kills him. Meanwhile, the DC B. K. Sharma in Lalbazaar receives a post mortem report devoid of the signature of a doctor as well as name of the medical institute of Rubina on his table along with a semen sample, but that sample turns out to be fake.

The roots of the case are embedded in a past case handled by OC Suranjan. A case of major drug peddling. PSI Abida assisted Suranjan in a very good way. But once she gets a call from some informer who wants to give her some important leads without informing anyone, she jumps into the spot. As a result she is burnt alive.

Suranjan reaches the spot in no time and kills all those who were involved in Abida’s murder. She has got some significant information about Rajpal Singh, the mastermind behind this case. Suranjan’s present live in partner, Maya’s daughter has been kidnapped by Rajpal Singh and as a ransom she has to bring that evidence to him from Suranjan.

The story becomes extremely dynamic with multiple cases solved in an excellent teamwork by officers like Gauranga, Mira, Riju and Ansari.


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LalBazaar Web Series on Zee5 Review
A dark realistic Kolkata underbelly portrayed with average editing.
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Lalbazaar Zee5 web series Review Pakaoo

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