Kannamoochi Web Series Review (2020)

Horror, Crime Thriller, Paedophilia | 5 episodes
Kannamoochi Tamil web series on ZEE5

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  • Release Date: 13 Mar, 2020
  • Genre: Horror, Crime Thriller, Paedophilia
  • Language: Tamil
  • Content Type: Web Series
  • Platform: Zee5


Kannamoochi Tamil Web Series Review – Fast-paced crime thriller cum horror series appears to resemble an infamous real-life incident.

Kannamoochi Tamil web series is a Crime Thriller / Horror Tamil web series, directed by Avinaash Hariharn. It was released on March 13, 2020, on Zee5. Kannamoochi literally means Hide and Seek Game in Tamil. It is the story of Priya (Poorna), a widow with a special girl child, Aishu (alias Aishwarya), with cognitive speech impairment. As Priya moves to an apartment in Chennai, weird things start to happen.

One day, she finds that her girl child is missing, during a religious procession. As she desperately searches her child, she has visions of Manju, a lost child, whose family lived in the same apartment, she moved into. Prelude of the Tamil horror web series Kannamoochi portrays an unbelievable paedophile, preying upon a little girl, Pavithra. Priya gets support from Santosh, an online food delivery boy, still guilty of hit and run accident with a girl child two years back. Poongavanam, her house maid, and Patty also help her. After an initial remiss upon complaint, police also searches the girl child intensively due to the rising paedophile and gird child missing cases in the vicinity.

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While searching Aishu, lead by the weird happenings, Priya breaks into a police sealed apartment 604 and finds that Mr. Devaraju’s family, who once lived there, were all dead except a mentally challenged boy. From a clue from a police writer, she along with Santosh traces the happenings to a deceased police inspector Loudersamy, who was handling the case. From a handycam and audio recorder, they come to know that Manju, the girl child in Mr. Devaraju’s family, went missing after a birthday party and their family members died one by one, and finally, Loudersamy himself.

Priya and Santosh meets Balu, the mentally challenged boy and the only survivor of the Devaraju’s family, in a mental asylum. With the help of Patty, Poogavanam and Santosh, Priya hatches a plan to re-create the birthday episode and bring Balu into that place, to find out the whereabouts of Aishu. Meanwhile police inches towards the culprit. Does Priya succeed in it? Did she get back her Aishu? Who is the deadly culprit? Kannamoochi Tamil web series on ZEE5 warrants a watch.

In an almost flawless script, written by Aathithya G R, everyone in the cast, especially, Poorna in ZEE5 web series Kannamoochi (as Priya), have done their roles very well. The fast paced thriller cum horror Tamil web series Kannamoochi puts the viewers on the edges of the seat. The background music needs a special mention and brings life to the story.

In certain ways, Kannamoochi’s story reminds of the infamous traumatic incident involving a speech impaired girl child by paedophiles in an apartment at Chennai. The Kannamoochi Tamil web series presents the screenplay in a Hitchcock style. Each and every turning point is amply supported by logic and reason, be it, either the reason why Santosh decides to help in searching Aishu, or, the reason why police inspector changes his line of investigation from accidental death to child abuse case.

Priya is portrayed as a bold, yet vulnerable mother, taking care of the speech impaired kid, with memories of her late husband. The merciless psychopath killer is excellently portrayed by the actor, his language, accent, gait, his dwelling place and in the way, he showcase his inhumane acts.

Kannamoochi Tamil web series has its weak links too. The abrupt absence of Poongavanam, the house maid, in the last episode and inability of young and robust Santosh in physical combat with the aged culprit, are not understandable. Probably, the director might have thought that the culprit deserves his punishment in the hands of the helpless mother. Otherwise, Kannamoochi Tamil web series is a neatly packaged crime thriller cum horror entertainer, in all aspects, such as, story, screenplay, editing,  song, acting, make up, costume, VFX, title work and direction.

The events are symbolically represented. Aishu goes missing, during the religious procession, which mimics the event that Jesus Christ, is being beaten, whipped and made to carry the cross, symbolically represents the evil that is going to engulf the innocent child. Near the climax, the girl is made to wear a red robe, much like that of the biblical events. Even the title, Kannamoochi Tamil web series, is poetic. The poem, “Kannamoochi re re” being played during the hide and seek game, is being played in relevant scenes. It is nice to see that good wins over evil in the end.

Sadly, in the real-life incident, which is resembled by the Kannamoochi Tamil web series on ZEE5, the culprits are yet to be punished. Let us believe in the Go(o)d.


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Kannamoochi Web series - Review by Pakaoo
Fast-paced crime thriller cum horror series appears to resemble an infamous real-life incident.
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Horror, Crime Thriller, Paedophilia

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