Hostel Daze Review (2019)

Hostel, Students, Friends, Ragging. Freshers | 5 episodes
hostel daze Review Pakaoo

Story Info

  • Release Date: 13 Dec, 2019
  • Genre: Hostel, Students, Ragging, Freshers, Settling In
  • Platform: Amazon Prime Original (TVF Production)


Hostel Daze is a 5 episode mini-series that premiered on 13th December 2019, directed by Raghav Subbu.  The series is from “The Viral Fever” Team, available exclusively on Amazon Prime. The plot revolves around the early college life of three hostel roommates, namely, Jaat, Chirag, and Ankit.

From “illegal” ragging to “leaking answer sheets”, yes. Answer sheets before the day of the exam, the show has it all. 

Regardless of whether you’ve stayed in a hostel or not, this show not only offers you an insider experience to what happens within those walls of a college hostel but also ensures that you’re glued to the screen too! Because as much as you’d miss your hostel days while watching the series, you’re sure to feel nostalgic over the small little things that used to happen with you during your stay.

Hostel Daze Review – Busting The First Semester In A Hostel, Realistically So

The timestamp of the show revolves around the experience during the very first semester of college. The first semester is usually known for all the transitions, the changes, the adjustments, the liberations from strict parenting in school; however, this show not only addresses most of these but also, showcases the smallest of perspectives, experiences, and episodes connected to them.

hostel daze Review Pakaoo

While the series is only 5 episodes long, it indeed manages to incite a hype and curiosity that stays until the very end of the 5th episode.

However, as much as the show offers a healthy, curiosity inciting recreation, a majority of the episodes focus too much on the life events of Ankit; while Jatt is turned into a background prop addressed literally nowhere in majority cases.

Chirag is completely absent in one of the vital plot developments; one doesn’t necessarily feel the absence of characters for as long as they view the series without establishing any character preference/bias; however, if you end up really liking the character of Jaat, there’s a chance you might feel slightly disappointed, given how very little screen time he gets, as compared to Chirag, Jhantoo and Ankit.

Hostel Daze Star Cast Name:

  • Chirag (the nerd),
  • Jaat (the chilled out),
  • Ankit (the average achiever)
  • Jhantoo (the “batchmate” senior)

Furthermore, given each episode is a little over half an hour-long, the production could’ve ventured out for more episodes, as 5 episodes is a little too short and seem not to be doing justice to the writing and acting team, who’ve done such a wonderful job at Hostel Daze.

Speaking about the filmography of the film, we have Nikhil Vijay (known for his presence at the Timeliners, Gullak, TVF, etc.) playing the role of Jhantoo, Shubham Gaur (known for his presence at MensXp India) playing the role of Jaat, Luv (known for Kabir Singh) as Chirag and Adarsh Gourav (known for the 2017 Sri Devi starring film “Mom”).

The director is Raghav Subbu who’s been accoladed by OTT critics for his previous works including K.O.T.A Factory, TVF Pitchers and F.A.T.H.E.R.S. Subbu is yet another prodigy, TVF has produced since OTT caught it’s due to wind and garnered recognition.

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hostel daze Review Pakaoo

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Hostel, Students, Friends, Ragging. Freshers



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