G.O.D Web Series Review (2019)

Action, Political Drama | 10 Episodes of ~50 minutes each.
g.o.d web series review pakaoo

Story Info

  • Release Date: 23 Oct, 2019
  • Genre: Action, Political Drama
  • Language: Telugu Original, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada
  • Content Type: Web Series
  • Platform: Zee5


G.O.D Web Series Review – A mining mafia takes Pratap Reddy and his family from rags to riches

G.O.D web series Zee5 is based on true events in Dharmapuri Village of Rayalaseema in Andhra Pradesh. The village is ruled by a sarpanch named D.N Reddy. One fine day,Pratap Reddy, a native of Kadapa arrives at Dharmapuri with his wife and kids to work as mining labor.

As time passes by, he braves many dangerous incidents and becomes the messiah of the lots dethroning master D N Reddy. However as time passes by, 2 of his sons who have problems of their own, get into varied issues , evoking tension in Dharmapuri. He raises his voice against exploitation and wins the hearts of lots of people. He even has a  a bloody confrontation with henchmen of D.N. Reddy. Influenced by the political state of affairs and support garnered by the leftist entity, Pratap Reddy goes on to become Sarpanch of Dharmapuri, dethroning D.N. Reddy and therefore attracting the wrath of high echelons.

The feud continues and the story gets shifts to the 2 sons of Pratap Reddy – Venu Reddy, and Ravi Reddy who are separate. Venu Reddy, the more realistic and mature relation, takes on farming once having arrived from Old Delhi University. On the opposite hand, Ravi Reddy is a spoilt brat since childhood, pampering in a dose of shallow pleasures. However , he is nice in spite of appearance. His relationship with a village missy Usha is the turning purpose in a story that compels Venu Reddy to acquire cudgels and eliminate tyranny.

The locales, the people, the non-standard speech, the apparel, and characters look rustic, which is sort of apt for the story ,which takes place in the Sixties. The choice of artists, particularly dominion Deepak Shetty as Pratap Reddy, Satya Dev as Venu Reddy, Karthik Rathnam as Ravi Reddy, and Sruthi Jayan as Saroja (wife of Pratap Reddy), is incredibly excusable as their performances take the full story to future level. Another noteworthy contribution is by conductor Shakthi Kanth (of “Fida” fame), who does a spectacular job with soul-touching BGM, that additional much-needed pace to the narration. The theme song “Rakaasi Loya” sung brightly by Ramya Behara is another attraction.

Overall, the G.O.D web series telugu review is a must-see internet series in Telugu to relish some binge-worthy moments that attractiveness plenty. The look, the characters, and therefore the storytelling are about to inspire many manufacturers of internet series in the future. You can’t miss it if you wish to feel that unsophisticated raw action on a much bigger canvas.G.O.D Web Series Season 2 , in case it is commissioned, it will be received well by the audiences.

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G.O.D Web Series Cast

  • Sruthy jayan
  • Deepak Shetty
  • Vijay Adhiraj
  • Chandini chowdary
  • Satyadev kancharana
  • John kottoly
  • Sriram L.B.
  • Samyuktha Hornadu
  • Karthik Rathnam
  • Anish kuruvilla
  • Baladitya

G.O.D Web Series Trailer


The script of  Gods of Dharmapuri ( G.O.D ) is based on a true story and it is a well written and customized script. The approach is quite refined and utilizes all his strengths and implements the best.


Shaktikanth Karthick proves to be quite awesome as a musician. Despite only 1 song, he has used its music in parts as a continual theme throughout the while making sure it does not feel repetitive. The periodic setting gets a score that’s astonishingly fashionable, with a westernized charm.


The Cinematographer Naveen Yadav’s contribution is integral to the viewing experience – the employment of shadow play, the clouds to suggest danger, the sepia tone-like quality to the frames makes you fall in love with Dharmapuri, the place, despite all its notoriousness.


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G.O.D Web Series Review
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G.O.D Web Series - Review by Pakaoo
A mining mafia takes Pratap Reddy and his family from rags to riches.
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g.o.d web series review pakaoo

G.O.D Web Series Trailer

Action, Political Drama

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