Byomkesh Season 5 Bengali Review (2020)

Detective, Whodunnit | 2 episodes
Byomkesh Season 5 Review Pakaoo

Story Info

  • Release Date: 09 Jan, 2020
  • Genre: Detective, Whodunnit
  • Language: Bengali , Hindi Dubbed, Tamil Dubbed
  • Content Type: Web Series
  • Platform: Hoichoi, MX Player


Byomkesh Season 5 synopsis

Popular Bengali OTT Platform ‘Hoichoi’ dropped Byomkesh Season 5 on 9th January 2020. This season is very intelligently tied with two short stories namely Khuji Khuji Nari and Dushta Chakra,  detective series written by Saradindu Chattopadhaya.

Byomkesh Season 5 Plot

The plot of this series is set in the 1940s ‘Calcutta’, facing one of the direst phases in pre-independence history. Anirban Bhattacharya maintains the lead role of Byomkesh with elan. The subplot of this web series is based on Bishu Pal, who is a paralyzed moneylender. He is scared for life because of the warning from Abhay Ghoshal, who is a debtor and Bishu’s former friend’s son.

Rameshwar Babu, asks help from Byomkesh (local detective) in a confounding letter. It signifies a more profound purpose.

The director highlights the historical background when people in India hated British India because of the non-provision of basic necessities. Byomkesh, Ajit, and Satyabati try their best to collect and distribute meals to hungry people. Spectators can observe the darkest, under-discussed region’s history chapters, and with revenge as the backdrop, two personalized deceit stories as well.

The main suspense viewers will witness is the connection of all the two-contrasting cases. Byomkesh serves as a ‘truth seeker’ to identify the answers. Technical brilliance, blending of the two stories, the performance of Anirban Bhattacharya (Byomkesh) is the USP of this web series.

Hoichoi Byomkesh Season 5 Cast

Anirban Bhattacharya portrays Byomkesh’s lead role. Subrat Datta represents Ajit, who is Byomkesh’s trusted friend. Ridhima Ghosh plays Satyabati,  Byomkesh’s wife.

Byomkesh Season 5 Review – An exclusive touch of literary to the Investigative Whodunnit

Byomkesh, the famous detective story, was written by Saradindu Chattopadhaya. Byomkesh Season 5 is based on Saradindu Chattopadhaya’s Khuji Khuji Nari and Dushta Chakra story. Soumik Haldar directs the web series. This Byomkesh web series was uploaded on 9th January 2020 on Hoichoi.

Director has stayed true to the essence of Saradindu Chattopadhaya’s original. The story has started from Dushta Chakra and ended in Khuji Khuji Nari. The director has cast this story on an interesting parallel of mythology.

In the season 5 web story, the character ‘Rameshwar Babu’ is more of the Dasharatha, rather than Bheeshma. His daughter-in-law’s character can be paralleled to Kaikeyi.  Both the episodes are directed at the cultural and history enthusiasts who seek an in-depth understanding, amid real incidents. The co-supporter of Byomkesh, writer Ajit and wife Satyabati lend finesse and softer touches to storytelling.

Here Byomkesh mainly acts on the socialistic dimension. The overall plot of this story is good, but the humor and sarcasm of the seasoned detective of previous seasons are missed. As the fight of ‘Swadeshi’ against the Churchill’s British in India, Byomkesh became too stiff, politically correct and faultless.  The web series delivers beautiful cinematography, precise dialogues and an immaculate direction of art but mediocre music.

From this story, Byomkesh (Anirban) can get an appreciation for various enthused elements. Still, at the same time, this would make the spectator wonder why the director does not bring more dimensions to the plots.  Only due to the unoriginal background and no such scope for the characters beyond Byomkesh, Pakaoo Byomkesh Web Series Rating is 8 out of 10.

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