Bhanumathi and Ramakrishna Movie Review (2020)

Romance, Heartbreak, True Love |
bhanumathi and ramakrishna movie review pakaoo

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  • Release Date: 03 Jul, 2020
  • Genre: Romance, Heartbreak, True Love
  • Language: Telugu
  • Content Type: Feature film ( Direct OTT Release)
  • Platform: Aha


Bhanumathi and Ramakrishna movie review – A feel-good romantic love story from Naveen Chandra and Salony

Bhanumathi and Ramakrishna movie 2020 is a surprise release for the Telugu audience from Naveen Chandra. The Andala Rakshasi fame star comes with an OTT release as Ramakrishna with Bhanumathi (Salony ) this time on July 3rd on AHA.

AHA released a Bhanumathi and Ramakrishna movie trailer claiming the release a day before the release of the film.

Watch Trailer now:

Bhanumathi and Ramakrishna movie release date

July 3, 2020

Bhanumathi and Ramakrishna Telugu movie story

Bhanumathi is a 30-year-old software engineer, who hates the life of a mediocre and has high standards in life. Bhanu is a bit complicated with her jinxed up passion and emotions. Furthermore, she is very upset about her lifestyle. Her boyfriend Ram breaks up with her and tells her he is seeing someone young of age 24 years. He also hurts her reminding her age, where she replies even you are of the same age.

During this dark phase in her life, a small-town naive character Rama Krishna from Tenali joins as her assistant. Bhanumathi gets even more disconcerted because of Rama Krishna’s childish innocent behavior but as time passes by, RamaKrishanas pure heart melts Bhanu and makes her fall in love with him. Bhanumathi understands the essence of life from Ramakrishna.

Ramakrishna also faces rejection because of the age factor in an arranged match. She encourages and resolves Ramakrishna’s family issues. When Ramakrishna tries to help her, she asks him to go away and shows his position. Soon after, she realizes his importance, apologizes, and gets back together.

Bhanumathi and Ramakrishna Movie Cast

  • Naveen Chandra,
  • Salony Luthra,
  • Raja Chembolu,
  • Harsha Chemudu

The director of the film Srikanth Nagothi has done a tremendous job with his script and characterization. The smooth going narrative in the film is so nicely presented on the screen. This makes the film enjoyable throughout .its length. The dialogues are very well written and delivered. The cinematography by Sai Prakash is one of the key factors to give that is off the cliche style to the film. The well-used locations add the flavors to the film.


The star of the film is Naveen Chandra. He once again wins the hearts of the audience with his simple neat acting skills. With Andala Rakshasi he played a perfect madman love boy character whose dialogue delivery and characterization melt viewers. He once again comes with such a role as Ramakrishna in this film. His attitude throughout the film is well-pitched into the narrative style. he sinks a lot with the cinematography and the role of Ramakrishna. One cannot deny the fact Naeen Chandra is really emerging into a star with his acting skills.

Salony Luthra has done a meticulous job in the film. Her role as Bhanumathi rolls over her sleeves and adds an aura to the character. Despite the full cameras around it making it more female lead oriented she portrayed the role of Bhanumathi with patience and nailed it. Harsha Chemudu attracts audiences again with his punch dialogues and comic timing and sense.


Music by Shravan Bhardwaj is top-notch. Nothing exaggerating here but the film gets the neat feel-good look from the music. The music adds a lot to the film. The lyrics and the background score are laudable. The music doesn’t disappoint and intrigues throughout the film.

The screenplay is very well instituted into the film a few scenes really give us a calm feeling as we enter into the film.


Bhanumathi and Ramakrishna full movie is only streaming for around 2 hrs. The script doesn’t lag but is incomplete as more heroine oriented narration is shown. The film demanded Ramakrishna;s character to be dealt with equal importance.

The role building of the characters is not well-scripted this leaves few scenes seeming disconnected.

On the whole, Bhanumathi & Ramakrishna is a must-watch movie on weekends.


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bhanumathi and ramakrishna movie review pakaoo

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Romance, Heartbreak, True Love

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