Wrong Number Web Series Season 2 Review (2020)

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Wrong Number Web Series Season 2 Pakaoo Review

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  • Release Date: 26 Jun, 2020
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy, Friends
  • Language: Hindi
  • Content Type: Web Series
  • Platform: Youtube (RSCJ)


Wrong Number Web Series Season 2 review –  A speedy love story with secrets unrevealed

RVCJ YouTube web series Wrong Number Season 2 is a beautiful continuation of the somewhat static, yet eventful love story of Khushi and Karan. Khushi desperately tries to patch up with her school time boyfriend Rajat by sending him messages to which he never cares to reply. After two years all of those messages get delivered to another guy named Karan, who doesn’t know what to do and resorts for advice to his roommate cum college friend.

Shukla convinces him to respond to Khushi in the name of Rajat and slowly a beautiful conversation starts blooming. But Khushi’s friend Ruchi finds something wrong and hence decides to call Karan in the name of some other person. Karan gets exposed. Khushi gets hurt and upset and stops responding to any of Karan’s messages ever again until Shukla’s expert advice works again. Finally, they get to talk over the phone.

Season 2 of Wrong Number begins with the long-awaited conversation between Karan and Khushi, where Karan apologizes for whatever happened, perfectly coupled with the absence of any excuse. But Ruchi is not in favour of Khushi being in touch with Karan.

Ultimately, Khushi sets up a meeting at a café, with Ruchi, Karan as well as Shukla. While the ice between both of them melts, Ruchi and Shukla also gets equally interested in each other and things turn out to be smooth. But the only thing that now falls out of place in the vanilla love story of Khushi and Karan is that, whenever the topic of Rajat arises, Khushi freezes instantly and things start going awkward. Finally, Ruchi decides to meet Karan and Shukla to get things clear about Rajat. The upcoming episodes of Season 2 will delineate more about what exactly happens between Khushi and Rajat.

Wrong Number Cast

  • Apoorva Arora as Khushi
  • Ambrish Verma as Karan
  • Badri Chavan as Shukla
  • Anjali Barot as Ruchi
  • Parikshit Joshi as Rajat

Wrong Number Season 2 is filled with speed and conversations—conversations where words speak less and background scores speak much more. With a perfect dose of expressions.


The script of Wrong Number Season 2 is not something very exceptional. Rather it is very normal and more on the simpler side. But simplicity gels well with the plot these days and moreover such stories have become quite common nowadays. Scripting reality at times gets quite difficult than scripting imagination.


Apoorva Arora, though cast as the female lead here, gets quite monotonous at times. Her ways of delivery are good and dynamic, but her expressions as well as reactions could have been a little more different as well. Badri Chavan was too good in delivering the slightly comic, yet resourceful character of Shukla. He perfectly portrayed that character who could actually make a PPT on the advantages of mass bunk in college and present it to the professors.

Anjali Barot is an excellent actress and at times truly surpassed the leads with her classy performance. Ambrish Verma is really a jewel of an actor who kept ruling the show with his delectable delivery and not so over-expressive reactions. The way he suppressed the emotions and his way of venting them out just after things were getting better are not only really perfect but perfectly real as well.


Rohan Rohan being the name behind the music, the background scores served as the mood setter of the show. Not only during actions but also during moments of contemplation, music served a great vanilla essence to this cup-cake love story.

Cinematography, Special Effects & Editing

Jay Kulkarni’s work as the DOP of Wrong Number Season 2 is truly amazing. The perfect balance of light and shades was so well-made that café meets and real dates looked absolutely divine. Special effects chosen for the title screens and credit slides were also pathbreaking. Editing by Lavesh Rampurkar was very sharp ad crisp. The visuals of the Wrong Number were an absolute celebration of simplicity.


Sumit Kumar directed the Wrong Number in a very detailed way. Right from the scenes where students come out of the exam hall to fetch their bags discussing papers, to every action taken by the characters—everything was detailed so minutely. Shukla’s character is the most well-defined character of this series. With Civil Engineering as his academic status, this boy literally disintegrated the problems in life though presentations—if not on PPT then on a whiteboard. Engineers’ soul motto is to get to the point, no matter how and with what spellings.

During explaining something in detail, Number can become NAMBAR and Khushi can become KHUSHY. As long as the listener gets it, nothing matters. However, a little more focus on the interactions between Ruchi and Shukla could have added some more sprinkles to this smoothie of love. Nonetheless, Wrong Number Season 2 is extremely well-directed and executed with a lot of passion in simplicity with a somewhat predictable flavour.

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Telugu Writer Vacancy Pakaoo

Telugu Writer Vacancy Pakaoo


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Wrong Number Season 2 Review
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Wrong Number Season 2 RVCJ Web Series - Review by Pakaoo
A speedy love story with secrets unrevealed.
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Wrong Number Web Series Season 2 Pakaoo Review

Wrong Number Web Series Season 2 Review

Romance, Comedy, Friends

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