Bhalla Calling Bhalla Lockdown Special TV Show (2020)

Slice of Life Comedy, Covid Lockdown in India | 4 mini episodes of 9 minutes each
Bhalla Calling Bhalla lock down special series sReview

Story Info

  • Release Date: 20 May, 2020
  • Genre: Family, Covid Lockdown, Slice of Life Comedy
  • Language: Hindi
  • Content Type: Mini Web Series
  • Platform: Zee5


Bhalla Calling Bhalla Lockdown Special TV Show Review –  Mini booster of pleasant humour

Mini web series Bhalla Calling Bhalla a show made in lockdown practically doesn’t hold any storyline in particular. A display of household chores for Mrs. Bhalla, the struggle of Mr. Bhalla to convince his wife about his missed flight on returning home on her birthday, the struggle of nothing-to-do in the period of lockdown portrayed by Sahil and the struggle of doing everything with an idle roomie delineated by Lisa.

With her son Sahil and daughter Lisa complaining against each other over video conference calls, Mrs. Bhalla suddenly gets a call from her bachelor brother, Gogi. Being absolutely companionless in this critical time of quarantine, Gogi’s brain becomes a devil’s workshop as he fires up the inner sadness and frustration of Lovely. But all of this happens in the garb of humour and comedy. The message of social awareness has been conveyed in its own way, through Bhalla Calling Bhalla Zee5.

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Bhalla Calling Bhalla Star Cast:

  • Rajesh Kumar as Mr. Bhalla
  • Lubna Salim as Mrs. Lovely Bhalla
  • Leenesh Matto as Sahil
  • Gracy Goswami as Lisa aka Arundhati
  • Gaurav Gera as Gogi aka Yogi

Bhalla Calling Bhalla Release Date

May 20, 2020

Bhalla Calling Bhalla Zee5 is a small relief from the world of tension where COVID-19 is the mandatory headline every day. A lockdown specialty—the mini-series has 4 short episodes holding a slice of life of 5 different people, who are strongly connected to each other by just one word—Family.


Although the sole purpose of designing this script was a punch of entertainment, the dialogues lacked compactness. The direction of the plot could have been definitely pointed out in a better way. But as far as the diction and the dialect are concerned, there is least to complain.


Lubna Salim’s delineation of her character was more than just very good. She fitted the mold of every homemaker, who makes videos to fit in the modern era, but is too conscious about the appearance. Her eyesight never escapes even the slightest issues that is concerned with her family. Rajesh Kumar, Leenesh Matto as well as Gaurav Gera also played their parts quite well.

But the real star of this series was Gracy Goswami as Lisa aka Arundhati. Her character had so many shades and actions and she portrayed all of them with exquisite ease and zero overlappings. Her maturity, her disgust, her busy schedule in newly learned household chores, and above all, her sensitivity towards the poor hungry stray dogs—every action, reaction, and emotion were expressed with an absolutely realistic approach.


Ripul Sharma’s work in the music department of Bhalla Calling Bhalla TV Show was quite good. However, there was seldom a scope for the music to make a mark in the viewer’s heart.

Cinematography, Special Effects & Editing:

Self-arranged cinematography by each of the actors is a very noticeable work and all of them deserve a huge round of applauds for that. Utsav Bhagat Ankit Kadam’s work as the editor is also commendable.


Deven Munjal, the director of Bhalla Calling Bhalla Zee5 web series did a good job as far as the unconventional process of online direction is concerned. But the overall series could have been a little more compact. The central idea and say of the series went hazy to some extent. None the less, he is worthy of every viewer’s gratitude for bringing about Bhalla Calling Bhalla in this period of crisis.

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Mini booster of pleasant humour
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Bhalla Calling Bhalla lock down special series sReview

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Slice of Life Comedy, Covid Lockdown in India

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