Asalem Jarigindante Web Series Review (2020)

Manipulative Love, Deceit, Sitcom | 6 Episodes
MX Original Web Series Asalem Jarigindante Review

Story Info

  • Release Date: 04 Jun, 2020
  • Genre: Manipulative Love, Deceit, Sitcom
  • Language: Telugu
  • Content Type: Web Series (Short)
  • Platform: MX Player


Sidharth and Geetha are newly wedded couple on their way home after a fight at a restaurant. They meet with an accident in which Geetha suffers retrograde amnesia. She forgets Sidharth and the later part of her life. Taking this as an opportunity, her husband Sidharth narrates their love story to her, where he changes it by switching characters. MX original series Asalem Jarigindante is Telugu sitcom with six episodes and each episode streaming around 15 minutes. It is available on the MX player.

By the time Sidharth gains control over Geeta, the devil comes back.

Asalem Jarigindante Web series in episodes

  • Episode 1:  Introduction of characters and storyline where Sidharth decides to narrate their love story to Geetha and starts explaining it in reverse where he tells that Geeta proposed to him. (utter lie)
  • Episode 2: He narrates about their first meet and how they fell in love.
  • Episode 3: In this episode, Sidharth narrates his meeting with his father in law to Geetha.
  • Episode 4: To gain overall control over Geeta, Sidharth narrates a false story of their eloping, marriage and their first love.
  • Episode 5: Sidharth who is all set to make love with Geetha faces a sudden surprise visit by his sister in law, who gets shell shocked with her sister’s behavior. Taking this as an advantage she blackmails Sidharth for help to patch up with her boyfriend.
  • Episode 6: Geetha reminds all of her stories and waits for Sidharth at home to teach him a lesson.
  • Asalem Jarigindante Web Series Trailer

Telugu MX Original Web Series Asalem Jarigindante starring Viva Harsha, Yashna Choudary on MX player is now streaming.

Asalem Jarigindante Web Series Cast

Director:  Chandoo Allada

Screenplay: Santosh Annaparthi


  • Harsha Chemudu
  • Yashna Chaudary
  • RJ Hemanth
  • Gemini Suresh

Asalem Jarigindante Web Series Review – Utter crass content has a new name, Asalem Jarigindante it is.

There is nothing in the storyline as it is a very short web series.  The series lacks direction as there are only a few gigs that are really funny and are the only key entertaining points of the series.

Direction and Screenplay

Few scenes are very well elevated but the overall series screenplay is not much laudable and not up to the mark. The ideas of double and retrograde amnesia are nothing new in the Telugu industry. The humor is hardly inculcated in the series and very bad attempts are comedy are there, using one character (Harsha).

Telugu sitcoms should start focusing more on givebacks rather than revolving cameras around the characters.


Harsha Chemudu is well known as Viva Harsha who is a famous YouTuber played the role of lover boy (Sidharth) for the first time. He got fame after his YouTube video Viva and some other YouTube gigs. His character in this series is the same as his other roles from previous characters. There is nothing like “lover boy” as described. He pulled his character routinely and nothing different from previous ones, with regular satires. He is best known for dialogue delivery which he did best in this series. His double role is not much intriguing. His expressions pull the series humor.

Yashna Chaudary performed well and tried her best. Her dialect, connecting with the Telangana people is a commendable attempt but could have done better.

Other actors hardly had any role, there were only single scenes for Gemini Suresh and RJ Hemanth.


The music of the introduction is laudable and good to hum along.

Asalem Jarigindante Pros

Few elevation scenes of Harsha proving his heroism are very well screened.

Humor at times.


Asalem Jarigindante Cons

Lacks storyline.

Direction and concept.


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MX Original Web Series Asalem Jarigindante Review

Asalem Jarigindante Web Series Trailer

Manipulative Love, Deceit, Sitcom

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