Upstarts Review (2019)

Startup, Friendship, Ego, Realism, Relationships |

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  • Release Date: 18 Oct, 2019
  • Genre: Start up, Realism, Friendship, Ego, Relationships
  • Platform: Netflix


Upstarts delves into the realities of the start up ecosystem in India and the complexities handled by founders. Three friends struggling to come up with a “real” idea, eventually launch a Delivery Application to ease the need of medicine availability in remote/satellite areas.

The Investor ecosystem, the angels and the demons, scaling up, ego management, founder relationship management – its a story for anyone to understand the realities of the game.

Upstarts – खुला आसमान, सस्ति डारू, घटिया दोस्त – और क्या चाहीये?

“खुला आसमान, सस्ति डारू, घटिया दोस्त – और क्या चाहीये?” … Well, Girlfriend, Paisa, Izzat…list hai mere paas! Bataun Kya?

The Web Film boasts of a rather modest startcast with a storyline which represents the hardships of the current startup scenario in India. It revolves around three close friends , who balance each other, and not just in skills.

Fortunately, it also guides you to the biggest reality :-

  1. No matter what growth stage the start up be in, the Founders are always juggling.
  2. It is important to pivot your idea at all stages, and flexibility of vision is a must. It is not important, where the idea comes from.
  3. It can get hard and dark. It’s important to have life beyond the idea that consumes you.
  4. If blessed with funding, put your egos aside. Before that, you will not even know you were so egoistic.
  5. For many, their idea will remain just that. Even when they have invested their time, efforts and more, it must tie in with the realities of short term money making. Not many will have the patience to think long term when the waters are murky.
  6. It is OK to give up. Just, get back again and life will provide those opportunities if you look for them.
  7. Up-skilling is not an option. It should be done.

View this series for it’s realism, and a few drinks after that.

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Startup, Friendship, Ego, Realism, Relationships

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