Shakuntala Devi Movie Review (2020)

Biopic, Shakuntala Devi | 127 minutes
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  • Release Date: 31 Jul, 2020
  • Genre: Biopic, Shakuntala Devi
  • Language: Hindi
  • Content Type: Feature Film ( Direct to OTT Release)
  • Platform: Amazon Prime
  • Family Viewing Advised Yes


Shakuntala Devi Movie Review – England की रानी कोई भी हो, दुनिया की रानी हिन्दुस्तानी।

Watching Shakuntala Devi movie online was a long craving for a huge number of viewers, quintessentially the Vidya Balan fans. Shakuntala Devi movie Amazon Prime is a biopic of one of the greatest Mathematicians on the globe, whose Indian origin gives the people of this nation another reason to take pride in. Born in a lower patriarchal middle-class family, one day Shakuntala solved an eight by eight-digit multiplication problem within seconds, which was supposed to be her elder brother’s assignment.

His brother was so happy and astonished that he took her to Shakuntala’s father and gave a demo of what Shakuntala can do with numbers. Her father then took her to schools—not to study, but to organize Maths shows where the toughest of the tough questions related to numbers were asked to her and she could solve them just like that. He used Shakuntala’s talent to earn money for the family. Shakuntala’s elder sister Sharada was ill. Things worsened and she passed away. Her father’s logic was if we concentrate more on the one who is dying, then we will not be able to save even those who are living.

This made Shakuntala deeply agonized. But what pained her, even more, was the silence of her mother. Since then she hated her parents. After growing up, Shakuntala starts loving a man and finds out that his marriage gets fixed and he would never want her as his wife. Infuriated in frustration, Shakuntala fired the man with a rifle and blew off his ears.

She was then sent to London, to do shows and finally, a Spanish gentleman Javier recognizes her talent from a show in the Royal Mathematics Association and gives her a makeover. She learns etiquettes, she learns English and finally earns more than sufficient to buy herself a house in London. When Javier leaves for Spain, Shakuntala’s life takes its peaks and on a show in Mumbai, she meets Paritosh Banerjee, a bureaucratic officer of India.

Paritosh interests her and she decides to get a house in Kolkata, the hometown of Paritosh and eventually they marry and have a baby, Anupama Banerjee (aka Anu). Shakuntala decides that she won’t be able to make it without her shows and Maths and Paritosh encourage her to do so while he takes care of Anu in Kolkata. But when she learns that the first word Anu uttered was Baba and not Mumma, she flew back to India and decided to take Anu with her along with Paritosh but he didn’t agree.

So, Shakuntala took Anu to London and took her to all her shows and taught her different tricks in Maths until Anu fell in love with Ajay from Bangalore. Ajay, though an ardent fan of Shakuntala Devi, did not agree to the shift to London and stay with Anu and Shakuntala. Anu as well decides to move out of the house and leaves with Ajay, under the support of Paritosh. They soon get a baby, Amritha.

After Anu left, Shakuntala lost her connection to numbers and decides to sell the entire business of Anu in London and hence impose the taxation bills on Anu, thereby compelling her to come to London and make her realize how much she loves Anu. The film ends on a good note where Shakuntala Devi gets a Lifetime Achievement Award in India with her full family supporting her success and taking pride in the journey she made.

Shakuntala Devi Movie Trailer

Shakuntala Devi Movie Cast

  • Vidya Balan as Shakuntala Devi
  • Sanya Malhotra as Anupama Banerjee
  • Jisshu Sengupta as Paritosh
  • Amit Sadh as Ajay
  • Luca Calvani as Javier

Shakuntala Devi is a story of true feminism, where the normal is questioned at every step. It is also a tale of love, where a successful woman tries hard, but fails to maintain the balance between work and family.


The script of Shakuntala Devi Film stands out to be one of the finely made scripts of contemporary films. The sole aim of the script of Shakuntala Devi is to portray the life, the culture of not only India but also a significant part of the West. The script had a lot of punch with a perfect dose of humour, information, and emotional fragments.


Although many viewers might find Shakuntala Devi as an out and out Vidya Balan movie, the performance of both Sanya Malhotra as well as Amit Sadh is more than just worthy of appreciation. Jisshu Sengupta’s delivery is as crisp and delectable as he always is. Vidya Balan, the star of the show is on a roller coaster ride of a number of shades, a plethora of moods. She is so flexible that she could stretch out from one mood and slip into the skin of another mood with exquisite ease.


Sachin-Jigar was as amazing as possible in composing the music for Amazon Prime release Shakuntala Devi. The lyrics literally spoke for the character, bringing out the desire of Shakuntala Devi and expressing the true colour of her heart.

Cinematography, Special Effects & Editing

Cinematography by Keiko Nakahara could have no better. With a lucid flow of the visuals and crisp editing by Antara Lahiri, Shakuntala Devi is a fine sight to watch, or probably glare at.


Anu Menon gave the film its wings by depicting the conflict between mother and daughter through two generations in the biopic of Shakuntala Devi. The silence of Shakuntala’s mother showed so much through her blank expressions that for a while it seemed that her silence is more worthy of giving a watch than the rest of the film. The character of Javier is a delectable combination of affection and balance. The last hug which Javier and Shakuntala did not share before he left for Spain had so much to tell.

Paritosh’s words marked the central idea of the film— “If you love Shakuntala, just let her be”. Shakuntala Devi is not just a biopic of a mathematician, it is also not jugglery of numbers. Shakuntala Devi Film is a story of a woman who wanted to be treated like a woman first and then as a daughter, a wife, or a mother with good vibes resonating throughout the film.


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England की रानी कोई भी हो, दुनिया की रानी हिन्दुस्तानी। 
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Shakuntala Devi Review Pakaoo

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Biopic, Shakuntala Devi

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