Sacred Games Season 1 Review (2018)

Crime, Gangster, Police, Chase, Terror, Mysterious Past | 8 Episodes

Story Info

  • Release Date: 06 Jul, 2018
  • Genre: Crime, Thriller, Suspense, Gangster, Police, Chase, Terror, Mysterious Past
  • Content Type: Web Series ( 2 Seasons)
  • Language: Hindi
  • Platform: Netflix


One of the most anticipated and well-made Original Series from the Netflix India stable. Sacred Games Season 1 is among the first Indian Originals Crime Series, told compellingly.

Sartaj Singh ( Saif Ali Khan) is a regular Mumbai Police cop till his whole life changes after receiving a call from Ganesh Gaitonde ( Nawazuddin Siddiqui), who has an indelible connection with his father’s past. What follows is a chase story, trying to unravel as much as possible about his past, the reason why Gaitonde chose him to be the lead on the case, political power play, uninhibited ambitions, Starlet world, Gangster Rivalry, Mob Lynching and finally, a revelation of impending doom on Mumbai.

Sacred Games Season 1 Review – The First Crime Indian Original From Netflix. That Which They Set Out To Do, They Achieved, And How!

Sacred Games Season 1 is a well-etched out story based on a novel by Vikram Chandra. Compelling characterization esp. that of Ganesh Gaitonde ( Nawazuddin Siddiqui) will keep you enamored with the aura of a gangster, wanted, and on run.

sacred games Season 1 Review Pakaoo

The dilemma that Sartaj Singh ( Saif Ali Khan) goes through, is believable. His knawing past comes through slowly, and at first, what seems to be a police gangster chase story, slowly transforms into a far deeper Terror Plot and ultimate forces spelling doomsday for a Mumbai.

Radhika Apte is compelling in her character as always, but seems wasted for the level of talent she represents.

The season 1 lends a wonderful prequel to the Season 2, where the real plot unfolds.

The Season 1 will be always remembered for its powerful, almost glamorous characterization, esp that of “Ganesh Gaitonde” through his dialogue delivery and screenplay.

The Season1 could have easily made the leagues of 8/10 on Pakaoo. The only negative is the raw and unnecessary sex scenes thrown in rather aplenty, and for the same, the Series Season 1 gets a 7 Rating on Pakaoo.

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Crime, Gangster, Police, Chase, Terror, Mysterious Past

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