Made in Heaven Season 1 Review (2019)

Social Truths, Hypocrisy, Same Sex, Infidelity, Old Age Love, Dowry |

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  • Release Date: 08 Mar, 2019
  • Genres: Social Truths, Hypocrisy, Same Sex, Infidelity, Old Age Love, Dowry, Forced Marriage
  • Language: Hindi, English
  • Language: Hindi
  • Platform: Amazon Prime


In a world where Traditional meets Modern, the Web Series “Made in Heaven” questions every hypocrisy of the Rich Delhi Families, and sometimes, just Families in general. A cheated-on wife, who was once herself an ambitious gold-digger (Tara) and a closeted gay ( Karan), all that is purportedly wrong with the lead pair (friends and business partners, running a Wedding Management Company).

A new wedding in each episode, the underlying plot touches very pertinent issues as it evolves, issues we all roll a beautiful carpet over  – Infidelity, Lust, Age no bar for love and companionship, Dowry, Financials of a Marriage Function, Political Alliances signed in marital union and many more.

Made In Heaven – Sordid Ambitions, Coming Out Of The Closet

Made in Heaven explores the dark underbelly of Rich Indian Weddings. There runs a parallel track of personal lives of 2 key protagonists, Tara and Karan, the Wedding Planners. Tara, a cheated-on wife, and Karan, a closeted man in an unaccepting society.

While the weddings that the partners undertake in each episode involve various calls beyond “classic” service, the individual wedding tracks are mostly engaging – Marriage for money, looney star-struck couple, a sixty-plus widow, dowry, Beauty Contest winner wife, Manglik, the financial burden of a wedding functions, political alliances, and whatnot.

Smooth performances by lead protagonists Sobhita Dhulipala and Arjun Mathur, bringing out complex turmoil of their personal lives, pinching till the very core of their existence.


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Social Truths, Hypocrisy, Same Sex, Infidelity, Old Age Love, Dowry

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