Breathe Season 1 Review (2018)

Crime, Thriller, Loss of Child, Serial Murders, Coping with Emotional Pain | 8 episodes

Story Info

  • Release Date: 26 Jan, 2018
  • Genre: Crime, Thriller, Loss of Child, Serial Murders, Coping with Emotional Pain
  • Language: Hindi, Telugu
  • Content Type: Web Series
  • Platform: Amazon Prime


The story of a Father, Danny Mascarenhas (R.Madhavan), who takes the lives of pledged organ donors to save his son’s life, who is on the recipient waitlist. A depressed cop, Kabir Sawant (Amit Sadh), chasing Danny and fighting his own emotional battles with the untimely loss of a child.

Breathe Season 1 – The Indian Breaking Bad. How Far Will You Go To Protect Your Family?

Yes, the plot is potentially engaging. R.Madhavan, an amazing actor with supreme talent. Danny does get evil with each murder, almost perfecting the crime and losing compunction by the count. But not outright “Breaking Bad” scenario. And affable Dad, Madhavan carries his dual character well. The emotion that could have been evolved better in terms of the screenplay is his pain for his son. It is too cliched a depiction from that angle. He also never gets outright sinister.

Amit Sadh, a drunkard, depressed cop who chases and puts together the crime with the criminal. He is correctly cast in a “never seen or expected to be in this role” context. And he carries his character with superb nuance. His wife played by Sapna Pabbi is beautiful and talented.

The interesting angle that the story depicts, is the two parallel tracks of Fathers coping with a situation of a child loss.  Parental love and child loss have largely been nuanced in the maternal context in Indian content and seeing the pain associated with this emotion in paternal context is certainly a fresh angle.

The dampener, however, is the finesse with which the initial few crimes are essentially committed. Remember “Aakhree Rasta” with Angry young Bachhan avenging a crime committed on his wife. Even that 1986 revenge drama was more methodical, strategy-oriented in terms of how the committing of crimes was depicted. The film “Ankush”, again a revenge drama truly coincidentally of 1986, had a law in hand situation depicted in a novel way. But Breathe Web Series of 2019? You get the drift.

Having said that, the plot does get tighter and the series does get gripping with each passing murder, and as the chase evolves, the R.Madhavan versus Amit Sadh scores are a treat to keep.

Season 2 promises to be a gripping thriller, with Abhishek Bachhan in the lead. It will mark Junior Bachchan’s Digital debut. Mayank Sharma who was the writer of all the first seasons 8 episodes will be the director and the co-writer in season 2 also. Amit Sadh will again return as Kabir Sawant. Saiyami Kher and Nithya Menon have been announced as the female lead of Breathe Season 2 on Amazon Prime.

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Crime, Thriller, Loss of Child, Serial Murders, Coping with Emotional Pain

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