Pawan and Pooja Review (2020)

Love, Vulnerability, Relationships Forever | 10 Episodes
Pawan and Pooja Review Pakaoo

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  • Release Date: 14 Feb, 2020
  • Genre: Love, Vulnerability, Relationships Forever, Modern Complexities
  • Language: Hindi
  • Platform: MX Player


Can expectations in love really tear you apart? Emotionally tear apart every piece of you, every layer of you to bare a self which is so vulnerable and needy, that even seeking help from the very person you love becomes a doomsday’s call.

Pawan and Pooja Web Series is a story of 3 couples, of various ages, in love, with common names (yes, literally, but it is not as simplistic as that, watch the series to understand the reason).

For each of the Pawan and Pooja, love has got varying shades of vulnerability.  Mature love ( Deepti Naval and Mahesh Manjrekar), with more than 20 years of marriage behind them, share a vulnerable past of Deepti that she had a daughter from her love interest before marriage. Gul Panag and Sharman Joshi with a school going kid, bored with their sex lives, eventually share a vulnerability of losing a partner to divorce, for infidelity. In the age of Influencer Marketing and social media, youngest Pooja and Pawan ( Natasha Bharadwaj and Taaruk Raina) share a vulnerability of losing love for platform followers, career, and money.

Pawan And Pooja Review – Vulnerability In Love Exemplified Through Three Generational Couples

Pawan and Pooja Web Series depicts that expectations in love are not a generational issue, it pans it. That love is complex, is true for every generation. Vulnerable couples make poor choices in life. Choice of never talking enough with your life partner, at the right time. At the time when things can get better by just talking. At the time when problems can be surmounted by talking, by apologizing, by being approachable, by taking time away or maybe solving them together. Assumptions in love should be avoided and discussions gave a try, no matter what the situation.

Immersive characters, fully owning their parts, right from Deepti Naval, Mahesh Manjrekar fulfilling their Regret List of Life to Sharman Joshi, Gul Panag starrer track trying to find their mojo, to Natasha and Taaruk trying to navigate their lives in the age of Social Media’s impact on evolving relationships. In Pawan and Pooja 2020, MX Player Web Series each character is nuanced and right in their own way. Extremely convincing Performances by all of the lead cast members. Take a bow!

The companionship that Deepti Naval and Mahesh Manjrekar portray on screen, however, deserves a special mention. Both are adorable, mature, and childish in parts, and that makes their on-screen chemistry a viewer’s delight. A retired couple giving relationship goals, what a delectability in life that was lived!  And that is what their romance brings out.

Pawan and Pooja Web Series Cast

  • Deepti Naval
  • Mahesh Manjrekar
  • Gul Panag
  • Sharman Joshi
  • Natasha Bharadwaj
  • Taaruk Raina

The deep vulnerability in Deepti, that even a husband like Mahesh Manjrekar will not be able to accept her past turns out to be unfounded when Mahesh regrets not her having a daughter, but the actual fact that she felt the need to hide this truth from him, despite their amazing relationship of many years. The last episode is a complete tear-jerker and Mahesh’s beautifully penned dialogues just pull the viewer into his kind of selfless, mature love.

Natasha and Taruk, the new age couple, do love each other but instead of discussing a misunderstanding, just let the relationship suffer the consequences. Only to finally realize the pull of the relationship consumes them to accept the issue and discuss it for what it is. Just a misunderstanding and life priorities to be sorted out because love helps you chose wisely.

Gul and Sharman, in the prime of their life, suffer issues of lack of passion for each other, and seek rather idiotic ways of arousing the same. Only to suffer that one of them actually commits infidelity and thus follows the jealousy of love, the vulnerability of love. To finally realize that they have become two individuals, now not in love, at least Gul falls out of love.

Everything said and done, Pawan and Pooja Original web Series is a complete Valentine’s Day binge watch. You will in any case not be able to leave the series in between, such powers are the love tracks, esp that of Mahesh and Deepti.

A rating of  9.5/10 from Pakaoo for this amazingly conceived Web Series.

It is not a coincidence that there are three Pawans and three Poojas in the Pawan and Pooja MX Player Web Series. The director wishes to convey the vulnerability of love across 3 generations, through the common name. What a thought!

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Love, Vulnerability, Relationships Forever

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