It must be a coincidence that all leading Indian OTT platforms are releasing patriotic Web Series in January 2020, involving Defence Forces. Team Pakaoo has compiled a rather comprehensive list of Web Series set to release for your fervent tastebuds:

  1. Code M

Release Date: Jan 15, 2020

Platform: Zee 5/Alt Balaji


That which does not meet the eye, may just be the truth.

Army Lawyer Major Monica is entrusted with a case of a soldier, slained at the hands of terrorists. Keeping aside her own emotional proximity to the case, Monica puts duty at the highest pedestal to unearth the truth behind the alleged encounter of the terrorists accused. Purportedly to find more and more complications and complicity as she solves the puzzle.

2. State of Siege 26/11

Release Date: 24th Jan, 2020

Platform: Zee5


A re-enactment of the 26/11 Terror attack on The Taj Hotel, Mumbai. Tense Situation , a National hostage crisis which brought the entire country to a stand still. State of Siege 26/11 promises to be a hooking thriller Series based on a true and very familiar real life situation.

The trailer does bring out the strain of the circumstances, and promises a wholesome dose of re-enactment of heroic acts of National Heroes of that siege.

3. The Forgotten Army

Release Date: 24th Jan 2020

Platform: Amazon Prime


History be told that in February 1942, a ferocious battle was fought between Britain and Japan for the capture of Singapore, the Gibraltar of the East.Singapore was Britain’s key military base and Japanese invasion was taken as an insult by the Queen.

What we do not know is that the Indian National Army ( Azad Hind Fauj) fought on behalf of the Britishers on the Singapore soil , only to be ditched by the Britishers, their imperialists, and sacrificed at the battlefield at the hands of the Japanese, who decisively won the battle.

The Forgotten Army Azadi Ke Liye captures the account of History ( Courage of Indian Soldiers), that history failed to register. Kabir Khan of “Ek Tha Tiger” fame promises a mega scale courageous account of the Indian National Army’s sacrifice for the British.

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