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  1. One Mic Stand (2019)

Genre: comedy, stand up, political comedy, youth.

Pakaoo Rating: 8/10

One Mic Stand is a 5 series stand up show wherein celebrities and icons from various industries try their hands on stand up for the first time in their lives. From the famous YouTuber Bhuvan Bam to Congress representative Dr. Shashi Tharoor, the show features 5 of the most iconic artists/professionals from their respective industries. As much as the show is humorous, engaging and non-satiating, the content throughout is family friendly and hence, you’re guaranteed to have a good time, even if you’re watching it with your family.

2. Die Trying (2018)

Genre: Struggle, Music, Bombay, Friends

Pakaoo Rating: 6/10

A Kenneth Sebastian starring web series, Die Trying is a story of two boys who’ve created a band of their own and have embarked on their struggle to make it “big’. As much as the show persists its narrative tone of struggle and discouragement as a part of that struggle, Kenny successfully manages to keep the vibe of the show light, humorously engaging and light hearted.

3. Hostel Daze (2019)

Genre: College, Roommates, Student Life, Teenage

Pakaoo Rating: 7/10

Regardless of whether you’ve stayed in a hostel or not, this show not only offers you an insider experience to what happens within those walls of a college hostel, but also ensures, that you’re glued to the screen too! Because as much as you’d miss your hostel days while watching the series, you’re sure to feel nostalgic over the small little things that used to happen with you during your stay.

  1. Brochara (2019)

Genre: Corporate Life, Long Distance Relationship, Brotherhood, Bombay

Pakaoo Rating: 7/10

Yet another miniseries of 5 episodes, Dice Media’s Brochara is a beautiful depiction of lives of 4 colleagues, who’re essentially “Bros” for one another, given their proximity as brethren like friends. The show, in light humour, addresses serious millennial like issues including that of contingency in case of someone’s death, the emotional back lash of a long distance relationship, the society’s pressure to do marriage and career all at once, etc. The series (which itself announces for season 2 in its season one’s finale episode), offers a more inclusive and narrowed down insight into the lives of men who’re stuck in the corporate rat race. However, please do keep in mind, as much as it’s the story of 4 men, one of them being a gay character too, the show’s delivery in no way, takes the slightest of misogynistic/prejudiced approach towards woman.

2. Minus One (2019)

Minus One

Genre: Live-in relationship, Youth, Love, Romance, Exes, New Delhi

Pakaoo Rating: 5/10

Just Human Thing’s Minus One is yet another miniseries on YouTube that deserves a watch. The show revolves around the flatmate lives of a boy and a girl, who, initially were in a live-in relationship in Delhi, but have now broken up and now reside as flatmates. Everyone in the world but their respective parents know about the break up, as the news might just lead to things getting messy as the relationship had in fact involved both side of the parents. The show is barely 5 episodes long, but is totally conclusive, satiating and ends of a beautiful juncture, such that you’d want a second season not because you want to see how things turned out, but because the show’s narration itself was beautiful.

  1. Flames 2 (2019)

Genre: School Romance, Teenage, Friendships, School Life, Mental Health

Rating: 7/10

FLAMES is a 2 seasons show by TVF’s Timeliners which primarily showcases the lives and struggles of two teenagers, who from having only one mutual friend in common, eventually graduate to being friends, followed by getting into a romantic relationship with one another. In season 2, we see them get hit by the harsh realities parental control, academic pressure to do well in exams, inability opt for life choices owing to family situations, priorities negatively effecting their friendships, etc. As much as the show ends on a cordial note, it successfully manages to incorporate mental health awareness, its nitty gritties while having to keep things and tone of the show intact.

  1. Paradise PD ( 2018)

Genre: Dark Humour, Animated, US Based, Voiceovers, Satire

Pakaoo Rating: 8/10

An animated web series based on the sheriff county culture in the US, this show comes out as an ensemble of essentially all genres of comedy. As much as trivial aspects of teenage whims, peer pressure, and cop competitiveness like elements have been touched upon on one side, we also see the show address issues of racism; civil rights, gay culture, drugs, etc. have been addressed in a humorous manner. The first season ends on a very unexpected and intriguing note, and hence, only and successfully adds to the build up .

2. Brooklyn Nine Nine ( 5 Seasons, last in 2017)

Genre: Police, US Based, Humour, Sketch.

Rating: 10/10

Brooklyn Nine Nine is probably the only show that will be listed here which can be watched again and again and again, until you’re too overwhelmed to not to. The show is a comical take on the 99th precinct of the NYPD in Brooklyn. We see a group, more like a family like squad of police officers, as they fight crime in New York, while being able to manage their personal lives including marriage, divorce, terrorism, espionage, etc. all at once.  In essence, if there would be one show that you should be watching, it should, without any second though be Brooklyn Nine Nine.

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