1. It Happenned in Calcutta Platform: Alt Balaji Context: Love, Tragedy

A dream project for Alt Balaji , “It Happened in Calcutta” is a Love Story set in tragic times of 1960s and 70s in Calcutta , drawing its background from the Cholera Epidemic and the World Political Stage of that era.

Watch Trailer: http://pakaoo.in/movie/it-happenned-in-calcutta-trailer-review/

2. Shukranu Platform: Zee5 Context: Sterilization Drive, Comedy

Shukranu Review Pakaoo

Web Film Shukranu offers a funny take on the mandatory Sterilization Drive initiated by the Indra Gandhi Government in 1975. With Divyendu Sharma and Shweta Basu Prasad in lead roles, the Film promises to evoke lots of laughter, while highlighting the issues with the policy and its execution.

Watch Trailer: http://pakaoo.in/movie/shukranu-trailer-review/

3. Pawan and Pooja Platform: MX Player Context: Relationships Old and Now, Modern Day Complexities

Pawan and Pooja Review Pakaoo

जिसमे सवाल न हो, इबादत नहीं। जिसमे मलाल न हो, मोहब्बत नहीं।

Pawan and Pooja promises to be a story of complicated modern Day relationships where issues like hiding important secrets, infidelity, swinging and divorces are depicted in their nakedness.

Apart from discussing relationships, the trailer hints at sincere depiction of the relationships of the couples for what they are, coming of age, without being judgemental . And that is likely to draw a viewer to this Web Series.

Watch Trailer: http://pakaoo.in/movie/pawan-and-pooja-trailer-review/

4. Taj Mahal 1989 Platform: Netflix Context: Love, Boredom, Jealousy

Taj mahal 1989 review pakaoo
Taj mahal 1989 review pakaoo

Set in Lucknow in 1980s, Taj Mahal 1989 explores the emotions behind love, with parallel story track of four couples.  Boredom, dominance of partner, lust and jealousy seem to be emotions which will be potentially discussed in the series.

Watch Trailer: http://pakaoo.in/movie/taj-mahal-1989-trailer-review/

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