Inside Edge Season 1 Review (2017)

Sports Thriller, Match Fixing | 10 Episodes
Inside Edge Season 1 Review

Story Info

  • Release Date: 10 Jul, 2017
  • Genre: Sports Thriller, Match Fixing, Casteism
  • Language: Hindi
  • Content Type: Web Series
  • Platform: Amazon Prime


Inside Edge is a Sports Thriller Web Series with 10 episodes. Power Play, High Stakes, Vanity, Corruption, Betting, Blackmail, Loyalty, Quest for True Love, Inside Edge Season 1 has it all. Centered around the Power Play League (PPL) Franchise “Mumbai Maverick’s” Players and Owners, this Web Series depicts the grease at the bottom of the vessel and the muck that character can become, wherein morality loosely becomes a notion that once existed in a regular world. Depravity is the norm.

There are multiple power plots that are ongoing in the Series which makes this series an entertainment extravaganza in itself. Vikrant Dhawan ( Vivek Oberoi) blackmailing co-owner & fading Actress Zarina Malik( Richa Chadha), Captain Arvind ( Angad Bedi) facing Marital issues due to wife’s alcoholism, Coach Niranjan Suri ( Sanjay Suri) involved in match fixing due to a previous compliance in match fixing, Vayu Raghawan ( Tanuj Virwani), a star player of the Mavericks with celebrity discipline issues, Prashant Kanaujia(Siddhant Chaturvedi)  being tormented and bullied for his lower caste by his own team mates Devender Mishra ( Amit Sial), and various others. Last but not the least , President Cricket Board Bhaisahab ( Aamir Bashir) which leads the power equation right into the Season 2.

Inside Edge Season 1 Review – Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

When the Cricket muck hits rock bottom, Inside Edge is revealed. The Series is extremely convincing in its portrayal of power play equation within various stakeholders ( Owners and Players) of the Power Play League. Match fixing and Betting Nexus is beautifully explained in the narrative. Among the various issues highlighted in the film , corruption, blackmail, hunger for more power, lack of loyalty, Fear of Power Loss and Casteism are extremely convincingly handled.

A special mention must be made of the perfect Casting of this Web Series. Each character, and we mean every single character, has been picked up so aptly that after a point in time, it is difficult to believe that this Web Series is just a portrayal of a story, and we are not living in a real world. Richa Chadha, Vivek Oberoi,  Amit Sial, Angad Bedi, Sanjay Suri, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Tamuj Virwani and Aamir Bashir, please take a bow. You were outstanding!

Director Karan Anshuman has left no stone unturned in ensuring viewer engagement from the perspective of a taut script, an ever-evolving storyline which makes the viewer binge and then ask for more, memorable characterization, layered and nuanced plot evolution. His vision of power hunger starting from quest for more and more money, to fame, to absolute loss of morality is worth a viewer’s time, every second along the 10 episode Season 1.

Pakaoo is awarding this Web Series 9/10. Play On!

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Inside Edge Season 1 Review

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Sports Thriller, Match Fixing

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Jaat Aur Aukaat - Casteism

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