Memu, a Telugu Web Series, is a heart touching story of friends. We all do plan for one such trip in a lifetime.

It depicts all the shades of friendship, being a clean comedy and emotional that connects well in real life. One can always binge-watch such a series. Each episode lasts around 15mins.

The background music connects well with the storyline and one always taps their feet to such a beat. Memu has good DoP. The only downside is the lip sync and dialogue delivery, which leaves the viewer somewhat wanting more , but the screenplay more than makes up for the issues.

From story perspective, the fun the friends have in Goa is enviable. They give dares to each other , skip bill payments, dancing on the beach alongside the waves. They “feel life” and talk about how things have changed and their future plans, teaching each other lessons in life.

Jahnavi is a YouTuber well known as Mahathalli in Andhra and Telangana for her videos on Wirally Youtube Channel.

Overall, it is a feel-good series comprising all the emotions in a short script. A definite mood booster !

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